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How freelance works for freelancers

How freelance works for freelancers

almost 4 years ago

So, you have decided to venture into the world of freelancing? If you’ve been in contact with us and we have registered you here at BTB, then this short guide will help you understand how we can work together. 

1.       Your freelance team

Kaisa Laug and Emma Head are our dedicated freelance team, with a collective 24 years’ experience in servicing freelance clients and candidates across Creative, Production, Digital, and Marketing. They are highly knowledgeable and skilled in sourcing, qualifying, matching, project managing and servicing freelancers into businesses of all sizes, both agency and in-house.  If you are a freelancer looking for representation, you will be in very safe hands.

2.      Communication

You will hear from the freelance team, either by email or by phone, to get you set up with us.  Both Emma and Kaisa notify each other of newly registered freelancers, so you will hear about all relevant future opportunities.  We do endeavour to have an initial chat with everyone, however, it is worth noting that during busy times we may not be able to chat with you straight away.  When this is the case, in order to not delay registering your details, we will add you to our database first and get in touch for a more thorough conversation at the earliest opportunity, or as soon as we have a brief that is potentially suitable. 

3.       We don’t own you 

Now you have embarked on your freelance journey, it is important to understand how freelance works when it comes to most recruitment companies.  Beyond The Book is simply here to offer you opportunities in addition to your other channels of gaining freelance assignments.  You are free to register with any other agency and undertake your own direct assignments.  What we DO own is the relationship between you and the company we introduce you to.  Any repeat bookings with clients we have introduced you to are managed by Beyond The Book. 

4.       Compliance 

In order to complete your set-up with us, there are a few compliance documents we need you to sign and return to us.  Our support team will get in touch with you to welcome you onboard and send across our compliance pack, which we will need you to fill out, sign and return to us.  While there is no urgency to return the above-mentioned to us immediately, we will need you to have completed our compliance pack before you can undertake any freelance roles through us. 

5.       Freelance opportunities 

Kaisa or Emma will contact you when they identify a match between the client’s requirements and your skills and experience. This could be an email in the first instance, followed by a more detailed call or a face-to-face chat.  We will give you the information about the company, the freelance requirement, invoicing procedure, and the proposed day or hourly rate.  Should you be interested, we will then send through (with your permission) your details, including a written profile, CV and portfolio, to the client and talk it through with them. 

We cannot guarantee that our client will want to book you for their requirement, but we will let you know the outcome either way and as quickly as possible.  If the client wishes to book you, the process below kicks in! 

Equally, if you are NOT interested in the assignment, it isn’t a problem at all, but please do let us know if that is the case. 

While we are looking to identify a suitable opportunity for you, it’s always good to know how you are fixed availability wise, so please don’t hesitate to email us with your availability on a regular basis. It is also a good way to keep in touch and stay ‘front of mind’. 

6.       The booking process 

Once the client has confirmed they would like to go ahead and confirm your booking, or alternatively ‘pencil’ you, the relevant freelance consultant will confirm that with you and will talk you through the details again, including rate agreed, timescales, notice periods (if any), logistics and payment process. This will all be replicated on a formal Booking Confirmation and emailed to you. This isn’t a legal document, but it does manage expectations on all sides and will be emailed to all parties involved. 

For those not familiar with ‘pencils’, pencilling can be part of the freelance booking process and is widely used by clients. It is a way to temporarily secure a freelancer’s availability for an agreed period of time. However, at the pencil stage, there is no commitment, which means the client can just release you from the pencil, should things change their end. 

If you commit to a ‘pencil’, you are agreeing to give the client first refusal, if you should get another offer of work elsewhere.  At this point, you would ask the client who has ‘pencilled’ you if they are in a position to confirm you or not.  If they cannot book you at this point, you are then free to take the other booking.  If they can book you, you would be expected to take that booking over any other work. 

We will manage all of this for you, as part of the process. 

7.       Payment 

Who pays you, how and when, will all be discussed with you through the booking process and replicated in the Booking Confirmation.  Should you be getting paid by the company directly, then it is your responsibility to chase payments, if payment goes beyond the term agreed. Please note that the payment terms do vary from client to client and in most cases, you will have to agree to their terms, as opposed to the client agreeing to your terms.  Should you need any assistance with chasing up payments, we are more than happy to step in and help.

Beyond The Book invoice separately for our recruitment fee, which is based on a percentage of the amount that you have invoiced.  Therefore, we do require a copy of your invoice at the end of the booking.  

As a self-employed freelancer, it is your responsibility to manage your tax and NI contributions. 

8.       Advice and guidance 

You will receive advice sheets from us, to support you in your freelance journey, and you will be notified if and when new information is uploaded to our website.  However, if you need any additional help or guidance, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our freelance team today – we are always very happy to help.  Kaisa or Emma on 01789 451510 or email.

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