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Getting back into the job market – where to start

Getting back into the job market – where to start

almost 4 years ago by Anna Smith

​So you think it might be time to move on? Great. If it feels right, it probably is! But take your time, think about the process and what you really want at the end of it. Choose your pathway carefully.

If you want to engage a recruiter, choose wisely. They could be a fantastic way into the kind of company you’re considering for your next step, or they could quite quickly burn all your bridges. Having said that, applying directly for roles could be the answer, however, the right recruiter could give you a valuable edge.

Whatever the pathway, we've heard, and had first hand experience, of people throwing themselves into the recruitment process at full speed, jumping through the many hoops that one has to go through these days to get a job, and then turning down the offer for reasons that were clear, but maybe not to all parties, at the outset.

It begs the question why anyone would want to put themselves through the process, when a little bit of thinking and planning about what they REALLY want would have avoided stress, time and disappointment for all parties.

Our message to highly motivated job seekers is to really think through what you want and set about the job search with clarity and focus. You've probably been frustrated for a while, so make sure your next job isn't simply ‘anything is better than the last’ and is a move that is right for you.

Remember that a job has many factors that will impact on whether you will be happy, so think them all through. It’s not just about salary, perks and job title…..

  • Is the location really right……..will it actually work day in, day out with my personal circumstances?

  • How much will the travel cost?

  • Would the job be motivating day to day?

  • Is there opportunity for progression?

  • Is the salary right?

  • Do I like the product/brand enough?

  • Do I like, or even know (!), what the company values are and what is important to them?

Having clarity and focus will reduce the volume of interest you receive, and interviews you attend, but it will land you the right role for the longer term.

Starting to test the water…..

At Beyond The Book, as well as our fantastic candidate successes, we inevitably have people applying for roles that aren’t quite right and receiving the dreaded rejection email.

It’s always tough out there for job seekers and we completely appreciate your frustration.

No surprise, but we get paid by our clients for finding them the 'right' person. If we recommend people that are any less than 'right', we are not doing our job properly. For every one job we advertise we can receive up to 50 (or more) applications, so if a candidate doesn't fit our client's brief, unfortunately, they have to be rejected.

This doesn't mean that this person is not good for another client. We like to think there is a place for everyone. So, if you are currently applying for roles and you feel like you are hitting a brick wall each time, please be assured that there will be a role that is right for you out there.

In the meantime, we would encourage any frustrated creative job seekers' to review their CV:

1. Ensure it is the best it can possibly be…..a few pointers:

  • Make sure your name is big and bold at the top – you don’t need to tell everyone it’s a ‘Curriculum Vitae’

  • This CV is to get you noticed and get you an interview – could anyone who reads it understand what you’re looking for, what you consider to be your key strengths and your most recent, relevant experience from the first page

  • Is it easy to see all ways in which you can be contacted

  • Keep it to 2 pages if you can

  • Keep it well formatted, a nice simple font, easy to read

  • Don’t try and be too flamboyant (unless that is a prerequisite for the job – even then, think twice)

  • Put yourself in the recruiter’s/client’s shoes – based on the job description, what do they want to see ‘spelled out’ in front of them – give them every excuse to be interested in finding out more about you

2. Check for errors - no spelling/grammatical mistakes etc.

3. Get independent feedback from people you know

4. Make sure it is a PDF if you are a 'creative'

5. Consider all potential employers (local businesses, companies with marketing departments/creative studios, design agencies, printers, etc.)

We work with very high quality agencies and in-house marketing teams who need the best talent, and we partner with a select few, rather than a volume base of clients.

Every company, large or small, needs to market themselves with strong branding and well designed marketing communications, so there are plenty of opportunities out there, and like we say,there's a place for everyone.

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