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How considered is your application?

How considered is your application?

almost 4 years ago

As the wonders of technology continue to grow and develop, finding and applying for jobs has never been easier, but is that necessarily a good thing? Could that mean you are being less considered in your approach to securing your next role?

These days applying for a job is often just a click away, be that on job portals such as Reed, Total Jobs or CV Library etc., or on social media platforms – most obviously LinkedIn. Your CV or profile is uploaded and ready to go; it's often a simple case of searching for a role and clicking ‘apply’ – but how much do you really read the job copy, digest the role, and really consider if you might be the best applicant for the job, and how does that reflect on how your CV is considered?

If you’re desperately applying for anything and everything, quite often it shows, and surely that’s not how you want your CV to be looked at by recruiters and/or prospective employers?

What’s more, as recruiters we often receive ‘generic’ cover letters or worse still, cover letters that refer to a completely different role to the one that’s being applied for…it doesn’t look good, and frankly, it looks lazy – we’d hate to miss out on you because you just didn’t take the time to customise and carefully consider your application!

You want recruiters and companies to open up your application, look at your CV and/or profile and think, ‘I absolutely must speak to this person right away’. At Beyond the Book, we have taken the time to get to know our clients; we have visited them, been on site and we know what they are really looking for from candidates, so we really are well placed to help you secure that next role – and to that end, you (should) want us to take your application and CV seriously.

So, in a nutshell….

Please take the time to read the job copy we put out there, we spend time putting it together and working with the client to ensure that it explains the job as best as it can so it attracts the right candidates. We want you to be excited by the role and we want you to feel confident that this is the job for you. Read all elements and don’t get over excited by just one or two words – we promise it will make all the difference. After all, nobody likes to be told, ‘thanks but no thanks’!​

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