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Reflect & Review

Reflect & Review

5 months ago

​If we always do what we've always done, we will always get what we've always got! It is never a waste of time to review your suppliers and make sure you are receiving the value you want. Things can change; consultants you enjoyed working with move on to pastures new; the recruitment consultancy may have gone through a change of direction or new investments in sourcing technologies, and as the market evolves so too must the recruitment industry, and some embrace while others stand still. There could be various changes that impact on the service and value you were once used to.

Below are some facts that you may not know about us, which you might want to use to compare with your current recruitment partners. We love to talk through what we offer and how we work:

  1. Since opening our doors, we have helped over 400 businesses across central England find new creative, digital and marketing professionals

  2. Over 70% of our existing clients work with us in partnership, on an exclusive basis; A meaningful way to demonstrate their faith in our ability to source the right talent and work with them, to deliver long term recruitment solutions

  3. We have the most experienced freelance service in central England and the Home Counties! Our freelance business has been running for 10 years; with our consulting team having a collective 23 years’ experience in providing clients with trusted freelance resource across creative, digital and marketing. If you are in need of additional, reliable resource or advice, we really are the best people to talk to!

  4. Check out our commitment to candidate experience by reading our Google reviews. It’s just one of the very important ways that we attract high-quality job seekers in a cluttered and noisy market!

  5. Our investment in leading-edge sourcing technology means that our reach not only extends to a significant pool of active and passive job seekers but that we are alerted to active job seekers as soon as they come onto the market

  6. With over 20 years in the creative and marketing industry, and the recruitment sector, we have a network of over 26,000 first-line contacts in our social and personal channels. That’s quite a reach, and critical to ensuring the success we have when partnering with our clients

That’s it for now, beautiful people! We are a genuine bunch of hard-working folks, who will continue to bring the much-needed human touch to the recruitment industry.

Please get in touch if you'd like to talk!

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