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Shall we meet?

Shall we meet?

almost 4 years ago

Changing opinions of ‘Recruiters’ can be challenging… especially when we often ask the dreaded question, "Can we meet you”?

Many candidates will be asked by several recruiters to come in and ‘register’, and we’re well aware that when you're job hunting it’s never easy to get the time off work for interviews, let alone going to meet with a recruiter!

So why do we ask you to meet us? Well, firstly it’s worth noting that here at Beyond the Book, ‘meeting’ you can be a Skype, perhaps at a lunchtime or before or after work, so you don’t have to travel far and take time out to meet us… or we’ll come to you, maybe a quick coffee in your lunch break at a place round the corner from where you work? All of us here will go the extra mile to make a ‘face-to-face’ meet as easy and hassle free as possible.

So, back to why do we ask?

Well there are lots of reasons really, the first being that we make a promise to our clients to find them the very best candidates, and in order to really know who we’ve sent to our valued clients we really do need to have met a candidate face-to-face.

Not only that, if you are actively looking for a new role, even if we don’t have anything on our books right there and then, by meeting with us, you remain at the forefront of our minds when the perfect role pops up!

It’s for you too…meeting us is a valuable exercise for you as well; not only do you get to meet us individually, but you can really pick our brains about what sort of role is right for you, if your CV needs updating, if your salary expectations are fair, and how to make your application as strong as it can be – asides from that, if you come to our friendly and welcoming offices, you get to soak up the beautiful rural Warwickshire location and we make a mean cup of coffee too!

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