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​Work with us to create a quality partnership & service you deserve

​Work with us to create a quality partnership & service you deserve

almost 4 years ago by Anna Smith

Quality recruitment is only possible when client, recruitment agency and candidates all buy into a quality process and share the same values. This is what makes the difference; so, help us to help you!

What is quality recruitment?

It is a process that seeks to create a very short list of the right candidates, efficiently, and to ensure, for clients, that the ultimate placement is a happy and long term one.

What does a poor quality recruitment process look like?

It looks messy! A long drawn out process that arises due to the wrong candidates being presented to clients in such volume that an unnecessary amount of time is invested by all parties involved – in an industry where time is very important indeed!

How can this happen?

The Marketing and Creative industry requires candidates of the highest calibre, whatever the level or skill set. The industry can also be demanding and very reactive; as such, when a need for a high calibre new team member arises, this person is often needed ASAP!

The candidate brief is therefore both important and urgent. It is this premise that prompts many clients to consider a multi-recruiter approach to be the only way forward. Surely, it is the quickest way to scour the marketplace and unearth the right individual. It seems like sensible thinking but it is this strategy that can start a less than perfect recruitment process.

The truth about a multi-recruiter strategy

With recruiters in our industry clambering over each other to work with great companies it is no wonder the assumption is that they will work hard once on board. However, this is not always the case! And here’s why……

A recruiter considers there is a 50/50 chance of placing a role even if they are the sole agency; things can change, budgets get pulled, a re-structure occurs etc. There are many unforeseen scenarios that can change the need for the hire.

Add another recruiter into the mix and you could say there is a 25% chance of placement. Add more recruiters and entering the process starts to make very poor business sense. The recruiter will consider carefully the strategy they take, depending on the number of recruiters working the brief.

Also, it is very possible that the briefing will be less detailed and less clear; clients do not have the time for an in-depth briefing to multiple recruiters.

Recruiters will consider the worth of spending money on all available channels to attract candidates, as well as if it’s worth investing the time to meet the candidates.

Because of these factors, a client’s decision to go multi-recruiter will realistically lead to a 2nd tier level of effort from all of the recruiters. This effort, as well as the amount of separate recruiters involved, can lead a high volume of less than perfect candidates being presented and, more often than not, a long, frustrating and time wasting (i.e. costly!) process.

The solution

It is our strong belief that clients should stagger their multi-recruiter strategy.

Start with the recruiter who knows you, your culture, your values, and basically, ‘gets you’. Give them a realistic deadline. If their thorough efforts have come to nothing (which really should not be the case with the right choice of niche recruiter and a thorough briefing process), move on to the second recruiter and so on. Or, choose two recruiters for different reasons. For example, one recruiter attracts candidates from a particular geographic area, or another specialises in a particular skill area.

When carefully selecting one or two recruitment agencies still doesn’t work…..

You chose a recruiter who knows you, but you do not get the results in the timescale you had hoped for. This can be frustrating for clients who needed high calibre candidates, and quickly!

A quality recruitment process doesn’t magically happen. It needs quality time spent up front totally ‘nailing’ the brief.

More time spent up front briefing a quality recruiter will firstly help to manage expectations on realistic timescales, and enable both parties to really understand the type of person you are looking for. This will result in a well targeted recruitment campaign with an honest and compelling proposition to excite and attract a manageable shortlist of the right candidates.

How do you achieve this successful partnership?

Spend time with your recruiter(s) to ensure all parties have agreed and understood the brief. It needs to be more than a list of skills and experience: What are the most exciting reasons candidates would want to work for you? What is the opportunity? What are the attributes of your ‘stars’ within your business and how should we match them? What sort of person would love your business and your clients? There are so many questions that should be asked to form a well-rounded brief that will result in the right people being shortlisted and ultimately placed with you for the long term.

In summary

Recruitment needs to be top quality to attract top talent.

If clients want their team to be more than a set of skills, for new employees to fit culturally, to be talented, to add value and more, then the recruitment process must be equally thorough.

Firstly, set up an internal meeting with the key stakeholders and decision makers to carefully agree the right recruiter(s) and the most efficient strategy for the role(s). Once selected, get your recruiter on your side and appreciate their need to tailor their strategy according to your investment in them. Give them good reason to invest heavily in their time and money to find you fantastic people. It will actually save you time, and frustration, and will deliver what you need!

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