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​Multi-Media Lead, Warwickshire

​Multi-Media Lead, Warwickshire

about 4 years ago by Anna Smith

New business in recruitment isn’t for the faint-hearted. After all, aren’t all recruitment agencies saying the same thing? We believe that it is candidate and client experience, and a strong brand, that wins hearts and helps our business grow. This piece of recruitment is an excellent example of that. A candidate who we met a few years ago and kept in touch with over the last few years, joined a local company as Head of Marketing. She came to us as a client after a long and disappointing process; trying to recruit for a critical Multi-Media Lead role through an established PSL of non-specialist recruitment agencies. With a belief in our ability to help, she went through the somewhat challenging process of getting us on their PSL. It took a while, but we got the green light, and within a week Sam had attracted the perfect person.

It wasn’t an easy brief - someone who had experience in client/stakeholder management, finding stories, interviewing, hands on multi-media/content creation and editing. Plus, someone who would fit in a corporate environment. Our candidate was interviewed quickly and offered immediately. Our client couldn’t be happier that we totally proved ourselves and only wished she could have avoided the time and effort searching, prior to our engagement. Our candidate was over the moon too, given he had a similar long list of criteria for his search – so, a fantastic match.

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