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Our doors are open, but in a different way!

Our doors are open, but in a different way!

about 4 years ago by Anna Smith

​Well, what a challenging few weeks we’ve all had, so far.

On behalf of us all at BTB, we wanted to share any insight we have gathered, to help as many people as we can.

We would like to let all permanent and freelance candidates know what our plans are, as far as we can predict, over the coming weeks, and inform you of ways we can help those of you who have been affected by this somewhat unique world we find ourselves in.

We have spent the last couple of weeks watching, listening, reading and connecting with those in an informed position, to establish what the candidate market and the industry look like, in the immediate and medium-term. We are, of course, up to date with what our clients, who we were actively working with before events unfolded, are also doing.

Initially, there were many businesses who informed us it was business as usual, and there were a few who let us know that recruitment was on hold until they understood more what was going on. On a daily basis, that picture changed until it was clear for us, only a week ago, that most had decided to put recruitment on hold until June. Not all – but most.

With that unfolding information, and information coming from the Government, The Recruitment Network and APSCo (we are members of both), it was clear we had to plan for the worst-case scenario. That scenario being a significant ‘pause’ of several months.

Having spoken to many of our clients since, they can’t wait to get back to business as usual and that is what they are focussed on. Indeed, we have heard consistent opinions, across various reliable sources, that when the bounce back happens, it will be quick and steep. This is, of course, very good news for anyone still hoping to find new employment, as well as for us and for the industry as a whole - which intends to thrive.

Therefore, our short-term focus at Beyond The Book needs to be very much around protecting our business, managing our finances, and ensuring that we are open for business as usual when the bounce back happens.

We love our team and their knowledge and commitment to giving their candidates a fantastic experience, and we want to keep hold of every one of them, long-term. Therefore, we have taken the decision to furlough all consultants and support team members, for at least 4 weeks, with the option of bringing them back ‘to work’ as soon as we can. In the interim, we are open for business, and Anna will be taking over any recruitment or freelance needs that do come in while they are unable to work.  

Sally, Anna, and Adam will be working daily to keep the wheels turning, but we do expect it to be quiet, certainly for the next 4 weeks, although we don’t want to be forgotten!

For anyone who needs advice, we have advice and insight on our website and we will also share anything new that we feel is relevant. For anyone who urgently needs to talk to us, please email us and we will endeavour to get to you as soon as we can. It would be really useful if you could be as specific as possible regarding what you need.

Under the furlough directive, our team cannot work, so any emails or calls that anyone makes to Emma, Kaisa, Tracey, Natalie, Sam, Helen or Michelle will be re-directed to the small team still working.

With regards to freelance and any bookings through BTB going forward, we are continuing to place freelancers in both current or regular placements, as well as keeping in touch with clients about freelance bookings. Anna will facilitate and send placement confirmations for any bookings, and she has been fully briefed by Kaisa and Emma about all ongoing freelance projects - so you are in good hands!

If you are a freelancer working in a current assignment, please continue to send your invoices (and any queries) to Sally.

We really hope that everyone in this lovely industry is ok. While the times we find ourselves in are challenging, we are looking forward to an interesting new world emerging, where we are certain that businesses will be cleaner, leaner and more focussed than ever - and that the world will be a kinder and more giving place!

Take care and stay safe.

Anna and Sally

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