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Can a market be candidate-scarce and candidate-driven at the same time?

Can a market be candidate-scarce and candidate-driven at the same time?

over 3 years ago by Michelle Mumford

Candidate-scarcity means that there are very few candidates in the market who are thinking about their next career move, and actively seeking new opportunities.

Candidate-driven means that the candidates are in control, with good candidates being in multiple processes at any one time, and ultimately having the power to choose between opportunities.

These can coincide and exist at the same time.  

So, what does this mean for those who are looking to hire?  

It is incredibly difficult because the market is scarce, meaning there are not many candidates actively looking, but of those candidates who are looking for something new, they are being presented with several opportunities at any one time. More than likely having to choose between you and your biggest competitor! 

This can make the recruitment process not only difficult and frustrating but also time-consuming. Fitting in a lengthy recruitment process, trawling through ad responses that aren’t relevant, and conducting those initial phone conversations, can all take time (that’s why it is a full-time job for us!). This also doesn’t factor in the all-important proactive candidate acquisition that needs to be done.

Here at Beyond the Book, we pride ourselves in working closely with our clients; not just when they are looking to recruit, but spending time getting to know those agencies and organisations, understanding the teams and structures, immersing ourselves in the industries that they operate in, and getting to grips with the all-important company culture. This means that when a need arises within the team, we already have a strong knowledge of the business. Matching this with our approach to working super closely with our candidates, and continually attracting new talent and engaging with the market, means that the moment you let us know that you have a need, we are already talking to some of the best candidates - who could be the perfect fit.

Why do we need to meet you? 

Even if our clients are not recruiting it is still very important for us to come out and meet with you. This allows us to get to know you and champion you within the market. When we talk to candidates about potential opportunities, we are able to talk to them about you, let them know what an interesting client base you have, your exceptional working culture or simply the name of your office dog (everyone loves an office dog)! It is these softer benefits and insights that really pique the interest of our candidates.

If you would like to partner with a recruitment company that is people-focused and client-led, then do get in touch. Let’s meet for a cuppa and discuss how we can work with you now, or in the future, in a way that works for you.

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