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Important update

Important update

over 3 years ago
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As you know we have been trying to give regular updates, through this unique time in our lives, when we have meaningful information to share. Here’s what we have been up to and how we may be able to help you at the moment.

The Market 

We decided that these last couple of weeks would be the right time to talk to as many clients as we could, to get a feel for how their businesses were fairing and what their plans, albeit probably loose, might be in terms of recruiting again (freelance, contract or permanent). 

As such, we brought Emma and Kaisa back from furlough to help us. Aside from the leisure industry, and agencies who serve the leisure industry (which has taken an almighty blow), a lot of the clients we have spoken to are really busy!

This seems to be because either they are operating in a sector that has remained stable or boomed because of the crisis - healthcare/pharma, financial services, manufacturing, retail/ecomms etc, or they are offering a service or product that has remained stable or boomed because of the crisis - internal communications, ecomms, packaging, mail order, online media, product etc. 

Of course, this is not the case for everyone, and many are not back to normal, or an established new normal and, even if busy, there is still a hesitancy to spend money and time recruiting new resource. 

It’s not all bad news though with approximately two thirds of the clients we spoke to saying they would hope to start hiring again from July, with the remaining one third saying August. Of course, we are in an ever-changing landscape, and these estimates could easily move - Let’s keep positive though! 

It is our prediction that when businesses start to hire again, in any volume, there may well be a higher amount of fixed-term contracts, temp to perm and freelance on offer - Just while there is instability in the economy.

Access to Support  

We have also been very busy trying to use this time to write and produce as much useful content as we possibly can, to help as many people as we can. Please take a look at our advice & insights and take advantage of what you can.

While operating with a greatly reduced team and using this time to adapt and survive to be able to help you all in the future, we cannot be as responsive or generous with our time at the moment. We’re really sorry about that but survive we must.

The free contact is intended to help as many people as possible but if you want more tailored 1-1 help you can find out about it here. if you have been made redundant, we are also offering businesses the chance to fund 1:1 sessions, so we can help individuals affected. 

In order to ensure we produce relevant content in the right format, please do let us know if there are subject areas you’d like us to cover, and we will try to sort that out.

That’s it for now. We hope the Creative and Marketing world, and all its lovely people, are ok.​

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