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Our support services

Our support services

over 3 years ago by Anna Smith

We have been busy aligning ourselves with the times and need businesses to know how they can use our expertise over the coming weeks and months, should we be needed.

Redundancy coaching

If there are any businesses that sadly need to make redundancies, over the coming months, Beyond The Book can offer a support package to help the employees with market insight, job searching advice, personal career clarity and CV/portfolio advice. We are currently managing two of these projects, which are proving really valuable.

“I would like to thank Anna for my 1:1 career coaching session today. This is a high value, paid for, service that was kindly funded by my company. It was extremely useful for providing information, advice and some practical take-away actions. I also received some much-needed focus, motivation and encouragement.” - Senior Creative Artworker/Retoucher (creative agency)

We already have a
candidate support offering, to include free content and paid for 1:1 sessions, which you can direct any employees to. However, we can also offer a corporate package, if businesses would like to fund and co-ordinate any redundancy support.

We feel that it is extremely important for people in our industry (creative and marketing) to receive relevant advice, if at all possible, both in terms of skill sets and sector.

Skill gaps consultation

Many businesses are going through change; whether that’s diversifying, specialising or changing their product or service completely. The outcome of this will be that clients go into resource planning mode.

It’s never been more crucial to define the skill gaps and subsequent role/s perfectly, given the need to be super-efficient with spend and time. As such, we are offering our expertise to support businesses through this planning process. Anna Smith (Director and Lead Consultant) is ready, willing and very able to work together with you, to plan or offer a sense check.

This will ensure the skills you’ve identified are in the market, allow you to assign a realistic salary to any new roles, and plan an appropriate recruitment strategy (freelance, contract, perm, direct, or with a recruiter).

On a final note

We have also spent the last few months not only trying to survive (which is still a real challenge for us) but revisiting our purpose.

11 years ago, we wanted to raise the standards of recruitment in an industry that has high standards itself. While the need on all sides has been for great recruitment, sadly the opposite has been happening over the last couple of years, with no real sign of improvement. And, we fear it is set to get messier!

We know why this is, and we know how to solve it. Please look out for our communications over the coming couple of months. Positivity breeds positivity!

If you would like to find out more, do get in touch or email us.

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