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Recruiting yourselves? 

Recruiting yourselves? 

about 1 month ago

Recruiting yourselves? We can help. 

The current climate has inevitably meant that businesses need to keep control of their cashflow and spend.  But how do you balance that with a need to recruit? It’s a tough one. Opting for the cheapest route to the candidate market won’t necessarily enable you to seek out the best talent the market has to offer.  On the flip side, trying your hand at your own direct recruitment might just work?

Saving those immediate costs might work, but it could cost you significantly if the wrong person is hired.  A wrong decision costs a lot; not only in the investment of time and resource to find, filter, manage the process, interview, offer, negotiate, etc., but the fact that the people you now have recruiting in your business were previously doing more of what they are very good at.  There is also the fact that the wrong person, for how ever long they stay will have a direct, or indirect, impact on your bottom line and, on top of all this, there is the significant cost and disruption of having to do it all over again, to find the right person.

We’ve all been there, and it can hurt.  

There is an answer! We can save your time, protect your spend, protect your brand and get you the right person by simply taking on your application administration, filtering, and qualifying (if wanted), all at a project cost significantly lower than a fee for searching and managing the entire process.  

We have knowledge of ALL creative industry roles and, against your brief, we can apply benchmarked rigour to all CV reviews and filter to a manageable shortlist of quality candidates. This saves you a huge amount of time up to interviews and just the right amount of time interviewing very good and genuinely interested people.

We have the benefit of impartial qualification - essential in filtering only those who are genuinely interested in your opportunity. We ALWAYS talk to applicants first, about what they are looking for, in order to advise them if the role they applied for is worth exploring or otherwise. There is only a potential match if there is both transparency from the candidate and the opportunity, and we are in a perfect position to unearth that genuine fit.

We have the administration processes set up to reply appropriately to EVERY application, and every subsequent challenge, to ensure your brand is associated with very high candidate respect. It’s a delicate and sensitive job-seeking community at the moment, and never has this been so important!

We are passionate about affordable yet quality recruitment, and that can happen when we join up to help you get your recruitment RIGHT first time.

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