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Update for clients from BTB

Update for clients from BTB

over 3 years ago by Sally Moist

We wanted to give you an update on what’s happening here at BTB.

Firstly, and very regrettably, we had to make Helen Preston and Natalie Padar redundant at the end of June. After a huge effort to avoid such an outcome, ultimately, we had to, in order to keep our doors open for the majority of the team.  Anna and Michelle will be taking on all digital marketing roles for the foreseeable future.

Secondly, we have spent the, very different, past few months re-visiting our purpose and reminding ourselves of the mission we set out on, 11 years ago: To raise the standards of recruitment, in an industry which has exceptionally high standards. 

We are as passionate now as we were then, about this cause, but there is a difference! We now have those 11 years under our belt, in addition to the number of years we spent in the industry itself. We know just about every problem that can occur in recruitment and have a large number of proven solutions at our disposal, to ensure our client’s spend, time and brand are protected – all while securing the perfect match for a new team member. 

What we are now aiming to do, moving forwards, is combine our purpose with our recruitment and creative industry expertise, in order to raise the standards, whether that’s helping clients recruit directly themselves or working in partnership with them. 

Of course, we can be engaged as we always have been, but we can also do things differently. We have designed a flexible suite of services, aligned to what is important to every unique business, every unique role, at any one unique time. This agile approach means that we can ensure that our client’s investment in their recruitment activity, directly correlates to their needs. 

The solutions we recommend may result in a highly efficient direct recruitment campaign, Beyond The Book activity, or a fully joined-up campaign, in partnership. With various ad hoc consulting services also available to help plug any current skill gaps.  

Recruitment is quite often seen as a necessary evil, but we know it can be straightforward and enjoyable. It will also always cost money, whether that is time and resource when recruiting direct, or through a recruitment company, but we make sure that that’s where it stops. The cost of hiring the wrong person can be huge and commonly underestimated, and in the current complex and sensitive climate, there’s never been a more important time to get it right. 

We are in the process of developing a planning sense-check tool, which will work to help our clients define the most efficient strategy, and how BTB can help. We are very excited about it and will let you know when this has launched. 

In the meantime, we can go through that process face to face, on a video call or phone call and, of course, all complimentary.  

Please talk to us as early in your planning process as possible and contact Anna in the first instance.​

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