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Market insight - what jobs are being filled?

Market insight - what jobs are being filled?

over 3 years ago by Anna Smith
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We are all well aware that job seekers view a lot of jobs but don’t see what is actually being placed. And, therefore, people have little idea of the many roles that are live but not being advertised, in preference for targeted searches.

The outcome is that job seekers can’t see where the demand is, at any one point in time or which sectors and/or specialisms are thriving. We can only talk from our perspective, and it isn’t the most robust of information, but, if this helps the job seeking community, the status quo here at BTB is: 

Placed since August 2020:

  • Junior PPC Exec – Ecommerce – Warwickshire

  • PPC Manager – Ecommerce – Suffolk

  • Integrated Project Manager – not sector specific – Birmingham

  • Graphic Designer – Ecommerce – Warwickshire

  • Content Exec – Engineering Company – West Midlands

  • Content Exec – Ecommerce – Warwickshire

  • Head of Marketing – Healthcare – Oxfordshire

  • Integrated Account Manager – Healthcare – Oxfordshire

  • Powerpoint Presentations Designer – Retail – West Midlands

  • Many freelance placements UK wide, for a variety of sectors and companies, big and small – across creative, digital marketing, delivery and content, in the main

Briefed roles – at final stages or actively looking (where we are still looking for new candidates, these are labelled as such here)  

  • Marketing Manager – Ecommerce – Staffordshire

  • Digital Marketing Executive – B2C furniture – Worcestershire

  • Marketing Manager – Gamification – Oxfordshire

  • Project Manager – Gamification – Oxfordshire

  • Account Director – Employee Engagement – Warwickshire

  • Agency Sales Exec – Ecommerce – Warwickshire

  • Online Marketing Manager – Ecommerce – Suffolk

  • MW Art Director/Designer – B2B/Tech – Buckinghamshire

  • Innovations Director – Engineering – West Midlands

  • MW .Net Developer – not sector specific – West Midlands

  • MW Packaging Designer – Retail – West Midlands 

We hope this is helpful to the good people of our industry. We will update monthly, so you can monitor any changes!  

Please also go to our insights and advice, and take away any useful information to support you and your job search; and follow us on Linkedin to view our regular posts that are also aimed to help as much as we can.

On a last, and important note, given the above is very top line, some of our registered candidates may wonder why they have not been contacted regarding any one or more of the roles listed. Please be reassured that we thoroughly explore our database of qualified candidates and overlay the spec against with what you have told us, what you are looking for and what we know about you. We ensure any brief is aligned to salary, culture, distance, flexi working or otherwise, part-time v full time, sectors, size of team and more. Whatever you have told us, we have listened, and considered it appropriate to contact you about any future roles that are more aligned to your needs.

Take care 

The BTB team


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