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Recruiting yourselves?

Recruiting yourselves?

over 3 years ago by Anna Smith

We can help! We’re lovely to work with and very good at what we do!

The current climate has inevitably meant that businesses need to keep a tight control on their spending and are choosing to recruit themselves. From what we’ve seen, some of this is done well and some has definite room for improvement.

Rather than having to make a binary decision of doing your own recruitment or not, Beyond The Book can help by filling the gaps, and taking away any pain points - from simple salary, role and market sense-checks, to filtering and/or qualifying, and more.

Any recruitment campaign that falls short in certain areas, can lead to:

  • Failing to attract the right candidates

  • Attracting far too many of the wrong candidates (thereby unable to respond to all applications appropriately and/or, overlooking the right candidates, and spending too many valuable hours on the process)

  • Missing spotting fantastic candidates who have applied (Some businesses lack the appropriate resource to filter and qualify various specialist skill sets) and therefore not engaging and missing interview opportunities

  • Losing candidates in the process – you need a dedicated resource to keep candidates engaged and to manage any changes in circumstances

The biggest danger, of course, is hiring the wrong person, and this can happen even with the best strategy and process! Why? Because direct advertising lacks the impartial qualification that a recruitment partner can employ in the process. Have a read about that here!

A wrong decision costs a lot; not only in the investment of time and resource (more than once!) to find, filter, manage the process, interview, offer, negotiate but also the fact that the wrong person will have a direct, or indirect, impact on your bottom line.

If you are recruiting yourselves with very few pain points, that’s brilliant! If, however, you recognise that there are some gaps to plug to protect your brand, spend and time, then we might be able to help.

We have a range of services, with a range of fair pricing for businesses to take advantage of. From simple sense checks on salaries and job descriptions, to interview advice for various specialist skill sets (across creative, PR, marketing and digital) to filtering and/or qualifying candidates on your behalf and more. Please have a read about all we can do here. You only pay for what you need, to recruit the right person, first time and efficiently. 

Of course, we also have quality candidates here, all ready, willing and very able to be employed. Should you wish to hire quickly and/or at lower than standard fees, we can access our Talent Hub for you (12.5%). Always come to us first, because if we do have that perfect candidate already there, you will avoid paying much higher fees for the same person, through other recruiters!.

If you do need a very thorough, entire market search, for the very best out there, we have a
huge network, an extremely high focus on quality, as well as leading-edge sourcing platforms and tools to search and manage your recruitment for you!

Essentially, we have the experience, knowledge and services to help in any way we can, to ensure your recruitment needs are met cost efficiently, with the right person, for the long term!

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