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Recent PR case study

Recent PR case study

over 3 years ago by Anna Smith

Sector: Full-service brand & marketing agency / Location: Northampton


This is an agency client, that works on behalf of a variety of clients to deliver brand and marketing solutions. They are seriously brilliant at what they do and can easily attract their own candidates. However, they got in touch to say they have more challenges attracting PR people who are scarcer and in high demand. They’d been trying to find a PR AD for a while and needed our help.


After a visit and a great briefing session, we set about finding the right person. It didn’t take long. Whilst we can undertake a full, market-wide search, we always start with exploring people we know first, so we can react quickly and pass on lower than standard fees to our clients. Knowing the challenges of finding PR people when you need them, we proactively seek to attract and engage PR people for the future and build a network. This strategy worked well. We had already met and qualified a PR Account Director (B2C) who had relocated to the area. Interestingly, this candidate had seen the direct advertising but had chosen not to apply as would prefer to go through a recruiter where she would gain more info before applying. She was perfect and our client had spend left of their recruitment budget!

Since that project, we went on to place a Senior PR Account Manager to complement the team. Whilst a recruitment budget can be seen as a necessary evil, for these specialist PR needs, this client now has confidence that he can find the right people by working with a specialist agency.


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