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How freelance works for clients

How freelance works for clients

almost 3 years ago

So, you have decided that taking on a self-employed freelancer, on a temporary basis of days or weeks, is the right solution for your business? We can help!

It is highly advisable to think carefully about the type of short term resource you need and then review it periodically. Getting it right will ensure you get maximum value for money and create a positive experience for your business.

Our clients tend to use us in two scenarios:

  • They have explored their own roster of freelancers and cannot get anyone’s availability. We are their back up.

  • They do not have anyone on their roster/known to them with the skill set needed

How we work is very straightforward.

We don’t own freelancers; we simply offer them additional opportunities. All the freelancers we place are registered as self-employed and are seasoned, professionals who are tried, tested, and trusted.

They all have an hourly or daily rate they charge directly to their clients and they expect to get the same rate with any assignments via us.

We charge a fee in addition to the freelancer’s rate and invoice separately, based on the invoice submitted to you by the freelancer. This ensures you are only being billed a fee on the exact hours/days that the freelancer works for you.

The process:

  • Simply call us at any time, as last-minute as needed, and brief us as to what you need. This can be Creative, Production, Account Management, Digital, Visualisation or Development resource. We ask all the right questions to ensure we set about introducing you to the most suitable freelancer who has all the skills, attitude and availability that you’re looking for

  • We will send you the relevant details (CV, portfolio, website) and quote their rate and the fee

  • Should you wish to book them, we will send a booking confirmation to both sides to ensure expectations are managed

  • We will check in to make sure all is going well

  • At the end of the assignment, or at agreed intervals, the freelancer will submit their invoice to you and send a copy to ourselves. You will pay the freelancer and us on the terms agreed

From there on we do own the relationship between yourselves and the freelancer and would need you to make contact with us each time you wish to use them. We can also keep you regularly updated with their availability if that is of value to you.

We are committed to high levels of service, providing professional and trusted freelancers. You are in safe hands!

So, should you need us, please call Emma Head or Kaisa Laug, at any time.

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