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Information update from us to you

Information update from us to you

almost 3 years ago by Anna Smith

We wanted to kick off 2021 to let you know our planned focus and commitments for the coming year.  

Firstly, we really hope everyone is doing ok. What a year for everyone. No one has been untouched by uncertainty, worry, or worse redundancy or ill mental or physical health. Our team has certainly all experienced one or more of those, and so we really can empathise with every one of you. 

We watched and listened to what the market needed last year, and we want to make sure we fulfil any market needs this coming year. Where the candidate market is concerned, we are committed to the following, to go some way to enable everyone to stay well and thrive. 

  • Job seekers find it a challenge to gain insight and a view of what is going on in the industry. Without it, people can feel like they are swimming in the dark and can lack confidence and clarity to aid their career journey. In 2020, we made strides in publishing useful content, but we want to do more this year. We want to be your eyes and ears and are committed to sending a regular mailer to you every month. In those mailers, we will be asking for your feedback around what you would like to know more about, and we will feed that into our content strategy. 

  • Job seekers find a lack of information on job ads frustrating. We will continue to make sure our job ads are comprehensive, and where our clients dictate that we can’t publish salaries and package details, we will state on our job copy the reason for this and encourage you to ask us. We can always provide salaries over the phone. 

  • Many job seekers are at an early stage in thinking about moving to a new role. For some, this is because they are not sure of the market, or their place in it, and so tend to get a bit ‘stuck’.  We offer 1:1 sessions with specialist consultants here to help. We do have to charge for career coaching sessions, but they are offered at far more reasonable prices than any generic coaching you’d find online. Our consultant’s foundations are in the Creative & Marketing industry, with current knowledge to impart.  

  • For others, they are not unhappy but keeping an ear to the ground. These people are also limited in terms of knowing about opportunities for fear of being ‘jumped on’ if they wish to explore an advertised role. Please be reassured that at BTB we want to help people when they are ready and when a role genuinely seems to be such a good match. If you just want information, that’s totally fine - we will let you go back to your semi-active safe place!! 

  • There is a perception that the world has gone digital bonkers and that all roles are digital. Yes, indeed, there is a massive transformation to online retail and new digital products. And so there has been a rise in Content Generation, UX and Digital Design and Social Media, but this hasn’t stopped the need for multi-channel Creative and Design, Account Management, PR and other ‘non-digital disciplines. We have plenty of clients thriving in a multi-channel world, especially if they specialise in areas such as branding, corporate communications, internal communications, healthcare, engineering, manufacturing and FS sectors.  Whilst we don’t advertise all of our roles, we will publish a rolling list of briefs and placements on our candidate insight page, which will be updated every couple of months. Hopefully, this will provide some reassurance that there are still opportunities across the board. 

  • We continue to commit to responding to ALL applications that come through via our website or job boards, in an appropriate and relevant way. As you are already known to us, do call the relevant consultant. If you see any job of interest, and they will get back to you within 48 hours. Please also make sure to add yourself to our job alerts by creating a login on our website, to ensure you are informed immediately as new roles come through that might be relevant to you.

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