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Recruiting direct? Job copy advice in the current climate.

Recruiting direct? Job copy advice in the current climate.

6 months ago by Anna Smith
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At Beyond The Book we know all too well how attractive this industry is and therefore the volume of applications that can be experienced when advertising for jobs. We also know that it is usually one poor soul co-ordinating this and tasked with filtering and responding to everyone. This can be quite a task!

The Covid-19 pandemic has given rise to even more candidates in the market, per job, and many of them are sensitive, frustrated, and worried. This is making the management of a recruitment
campaign harder and more delicate than ever - so we would like to help.

Here are some ways to manage advertising in a complex and sensitive climate:  

  • Use well thought out job copy to do a fair chunk of the filtering for you, balanced with ensuring that someone who could be perfect for the job is engaged enough to apply.

  • Rather than putting job copy together that speaks to a large audience, try to write it with enough specific detail so it speaks to exactly who you want to hire.

  • Include, within the company information, specifics around culture. If you are an extrovert bunch who are encouraged to share ideas and have regular social activities, then say it. There is no point in attracting people who would prefer a less socially demanding environment.

  • Be clear about your flexible working policy. If you are offering two days a week from home, then those that needed more will not apply. Equally, if you do not have a flexible working policy, then say so - people will apply and ask the question further into the process. Better to save time for all parties, and this is an especially important area in the current climate.

  • Include an ‘About You’ section, which clearly lists the essentials you are looking for from the candidate. They can cover many things such as ability to drive, skills, attributes, whether you need a cover note, whether you need references provided on application, number of years’ experience, how they need to be qualified. Try to detail as many essentials as possible.

  • If the criteria for the role is flexible around skills and experience, and open to a mix of backgrounds and qualifications, but is more specific around the personality of an individual or how creative they are, then you could create a short exercise to be sent along with the application to help demonstrate these attributes. Be careful though - this is an excellent idea if you are sure you can respond appropriately to all applications. The more effort required the more bruised a candidate will feel if not handled well.

  • Lastly, be clear about your response policy and times. This will give you breathing space to filter the applications and respond appropriately.

Should you need any advice on response processes, we are always happy to help.

Please contact Anna Smith for more info or call 01789 451510.

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