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​We have the market covered

​We have the market covered

about 3 years ago by Anna Smith

When businesses are looking to recruit one or more people, more often than not, they would like to exhaust the market of candidates, and quickly. The assumption is that to achieve this, they need to engage multiple recruiters. This isn’t the case where we are concerned, and we’ve detailed why below.  

Diving headlong into a multiple recruiter strategy can cost dearly. It increases:

  • The time needed for the briefings

  • The time taken communicating with and managing the project (multiple contacts)

  • The risk and pain of having to deal with duplications and disputes

  • The time to filter a high volume of CVs (and that’s usually multiple people within a business)

  • Low quality CV introductions. Recruiters are businesses themselves and need to be smart with their time. You’ve started a race and it drives the quality down

  • The salary! Once a candidate has been called a number of times, they believe they are in high demand and can increase their salary expectations.

There are more downsides covered in this article but, suffice to say, it isn’t pleasant for anyone - However, you still need to fulfil your objective to exhaust the market, as quickly as possible.

We can take the pain and risk away from going ‘multiple recruiters’ and exhaust the market, quickly. And here are 3 reasons why: 

  1. With over 25 years in the Creative and Marketing industry, and the recruitment sector, we have a network of over 40,000 first-line contacts across social media to reach out to; and a very warm database of 1000s of past and present candidates and freelancers

  2. We invest heavily in leading-edge sourcing technologies that allow us to reach every active and passive candidate, who have signalled in various ways that they are considering a move. We are also alerted, daily, to new active job seekers as soon as they come onto the market

  3. Our brand, and commitment to candidate experience, attract those candidates that may not have started to ‘put themselves out there yet’, who like to be approached rather than search, and/or want quality representation. Our Google reviews demonstrate our commitment to reputation

All of the above is essential, the more the market moves away from old-school recruitment methods. Our tools, platforms, licenses, network and brand all work together quickly to exhaust the market. If the people are there, and the brief is realistic, we will find them! We place 100% of exclusive projects.  

If we don’t think we are fit for purpose, then we will always say!

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