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Advertainment - Driving trackable results

Advertainment - Driving trackable results

over 2 years ago by Jessie Jackson

Do you want to drive trackable website sales, build a lovable brand that people are talking about or produce innovative marketing campaigns that win global awards? Well, that’s exactly what the guys (and gals) over at Knowlton do day in day out. 

If you’re a marketer with any kind of presence on LinkedIn, then the likelihood is that you’ve already come across Knowlton on your feed. The content that the team has been putting out is, quite frankly hilarious and a great example of how ‘advertainment’ and how super creative content that’s fun, entertaining and relatable doesn’t just generate trackable results but actually gets your customers excited to consume the content!  

In this video, Jessie chats with Dan from Knowlton about why this approach to content and paid campaigns work so well.

Knowlton For Insight Article

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