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Hybrid working: What does that even mean?

Hybrid working: What does that even mean?

almost 3 years ago by Michelle Mumford

Now that the world has opened back up again and we are all trying to find our ‘new normal’, flexible working has become a hot topic once more.  

Almost overnight, offices closed their doors and teams were moved to their kitchen tables and home offices to resume their day-to-day roles.  

Fast-forward 15 months and companies are having to decide how and where they are going to work. Some have closed their office doors for good, moving to a fully remote model, while others are bringing their teams back to the office 5 days a week. The most common approach has been a mix of 2-3 days a week in the office and the rest of the time working from home.  

As recruiters, we are talking to candidates all day, every day, and this flexible approach is not only seen as attractive but almost expected. It has become an important requirement for people looking for a new role, and so businesses need to keep up. However, change can be difficult and it can be daunting having to make these decisions.  

I caught up with Ashley Carr, Director of Neo PR, to ask him to share his experience of moving to this flexible, hybrid way of working. In this insight video, Ash talks about why he has chosen to adopt this approach, the challenges he has faced and the benefits of working in this way.

If you are a business wanting to move to a flexible way of working, but not quite sure how to do it, then have a listen to this insight video.

If you have any questions on hybrid working, I would love to chat!


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