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The real reason your recruiter is asking you to work exclusively

The real reason your recruiter is asking you to work exclusively

about 1 month ago by Michelle Mumford

‘Exclusivity’, in recruitment language, means that a company works with just one recruiter on a particular vacancy - You may be doing your own direct recruitment, but also partnering with one recruiter.  

I often hear clients say that they just can’t work in an exclusive manner because “this role is business critical” and they “need to find someone ASAP”. It is interesting that people assume that by going out to three recruiters, the role will be filled more quickly.

I am here to tell you that, unfortunately, the opposite will happen! 

Imagine the following scenario: You call your third recruiter and brief them on the role. You think that you now have multiple recruiters all prioritising your role and doing all they can to find you brilliant people.

In reality, each recruiter will leave your briefing call, quickly contact the people they know, give them a semi-decent brief and then, if the candidate is interested, send their CV over to you as fast as possible, before the other recruiters do. If you’re lucky, they may do the odd search, but generally, give up after a couple of days because ‘one of the other recruiters has probably found someone’.  

By the third or fourth day, none of your recruiters are giving your role much attention, and (definitely) not the attention that it needs. 

Now picture this: You call Beyond The Book (or another recruiter) to brief the role and agree to work with them on an exclusive basis. Your chosen recruiter spends the time really getting to understand your business, so they can champion you in the market to anyone they speak to (a little free PR for you!). Knowing they have your full commitment, they can now give you theirs in return and your job automatically becomes a priority for them (over and above any that are competitive) In this incredibly busy market, we need to prioritise because currently, everyone is busy recruiting.  

At Beyond The Book, we will then undertake the time-consuming, and thorough, searching process, including social media activity, advertising, shout-outs and talking to people we already know. We will not stop until we find someone!

As we identify potential candidates, we will start talking with them, giving them a full overview and ensuring that they totally understand your company, the role, your culture, etc, as well as impartially finding out what they are really looking for in their next move. If they look like a good fit, we will arrange a face-to-face meeting, to find out more and make sure that the match is a good one.  

Because we have given ourselves the time to search properly you can be sure the people we send will be of great quality and a great fit. Working with one recruiter will probably mean fewer overall CVs but much higher quality. This means for you - less filtering, less interviewing, less admin, and the time you do spend is worth it. After all, time is money and there should be a clear tangible benefit to working with any recruiter. 

Clients often think that they need to use multiple recruiters to increase their reach. I will let you into a secret: We all have access to the same pool of candidates. 

I can’t talk for other recruiters, but I know that at Beyond The Book, we have the very best industry technology, tools and licenses, to ensure that if that person is out there, we will find them. You won’t always find that perfect person within the first few days (if it was that easy, you wouldn’t need recruiters!). Sometimes candidates arrive on the market a few weeks after we start looking and, by briefing two or more recruiters, you risk all of them giving up the search before that happens. One outcome is that this brilliant candidate will very likely end up working for your competitor, who is working with their recruiter exclusively! It is currently an incredibly busy market; everyone is busy, and everyone is having to prioritise. It would be naive to assume that you are the only company that needs that specific skill set in your team.  

Although I try my absolute best to do all I can for my clients, it isn’t possible to be everything to everyone, and businesses that work with me exclusively will get more of my time: I will happily talk to candidates in the evenings or give up time at the weekends to help you. If you are dedicated and committed to us, we will be to you. I never give up on a committed role, even if it takes a bit longer. 

However, we always have your best interests at heart and, if we genuinely believe we can’t help you, we will tell you, and of course, you can open up the search.  

Recruiters are just as busy as you are, we also need to win new clients, like all businesses. Gone are the days when recruiters are grateful for any job that lands on their desk and will work anything that comes their way. We need to be able to work in partnership, in the same way you would expect to work with your clients. If we can’t work in a way that benefits both sides, we may not be able to invest our time in a project. 

But, if we can work in the way we know works best for everyone – we will exceed your expectations!​

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