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Agency PR and Marketing Case Study 

Agency PR and Marketing Case Study 

over 2 years ago by Michelle Mumford


At a time when business was flying, new clients were coming on board, and a member of the team was moving on to new things, this marketing agency was looking for a Senior PR and a Digital Account Manager to join them. If you met this client, you would understand why getting the right culture fit means everything to them.  The team are lovely, bounce off each other, work in a collaborative way, and have a culture they are extremely proud of shaping. They were keen to bring in experienced individuals who could hit the ground running at a busy time. 


This client approached me after receiving an email I had sent earlier in the year.  As they were a new client for me, I wanted to spend some time really getting to know them and understanding who they were, and also who their clients were. 

I questioned where the team was at, at that point in time, and what their plans were moving forward. We had a detailed conversation about culture and then the two roles that they were looking to fill. Firstly they needed a Senior PR, who would manage client portfolios, but also someone who loved to be hands-on. Then they needed a Digital Account Manager who could work with clients but also loved to be hands-on as well.  

What is great about this client is their flexibility and how they trust me with my approach and recommendations; seeing the candidates that I put forward to them, even if they were not 100% on brief.  

I went on to place the Senior PR role with a PR Account Director who was coming from an in-house background - quite rare in the agency world. However, they had incredible experience, totally understood how agencies work, and looked like a perfect fit with the team. Coming from an in-house background they were also able to add a new dynamic and skillset.  

For the Digital Account Manager, the experience requirements also included print, and therefore this needed a very targeted search, using all of the fantastic recruitment tec that we have at Beyond The Book. After many conversations, I found the perfect person. 

I met both of the candidates and I just knew that they would fit the team culturally and not only would they fully meet my client’s requirements, but the agency would be a great place for them to fulfil their career goals. They were looking for a small team that would allow them ownership, a chance to grow in their career and a home, where they could stay long term. 

As a recruiter, I don’t just find candidates that match a job spec. I aim to understand exactly what my clients need, and then spend time getting to know my candidates, finding them opportunities and cultures that they will thrive and be very happy in. 

I have absolutely loved working with this new client and can’t wait to help them again, on an exclusive basis, as they continue to grow.


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