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A case in point….

A case in point….

over 2 years ago by Jessie Jackson

Marketing Manager/Marketing Acquisitions Manager 

This case study has been chosen to demonstrate how we are making HR Director’s and Hiring Manager’s lives so much easier.  

By working with us, as a recruitment partner for all things Marketing, we deliver a seamless experience.  

I was contacted by a new HR contact, at a Tech company in the Midlands, that was looking to find a senior level Marketing Manager and wanted to engage multiple agencies to find the right person.  

After a briefing session with the hiring manager, trust was quickly gained. They were happy that I demonstrated a depth of marketing sector knowledge, and ability (through many channels and a very large network of Marketing professionals) to exhaust the entire market, in order to deliver the right person, with an obvious passion for the industry. Because of this, they agreed to work with us as their sole agency.  

After the (in-depth) briefing session, we delivered four strong candidates from our current network. At Beyond The Book, we proactively attract talented professionals, who we know are in demand, which enables us to quickly deliver quickly for our clients if urgency is key.  

All four candidates were taken to interview and two were so strong that one was offered after 2nd stage and the other had a role designed around him and was taken on too!

Both the hiring manager and HR department were delighted to have had their time protected by working with just one agency and found the process extremely easy and stress-free. They now have two senior candidates who will make a huge impact on their business. 

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