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How we delighted this HR Manager with a seamless recruitment process

How we delighted this HR Manager with a seamless recruitment process

11 months ago by Louise Smith

After landing a lot of new business, this agency needed to hire Account Handlers at all levels, to take ownership and lead the accounts.  

The agency hadn’t used a recruiter in over five years and needed to find one they could trust and who understood their business and clients. Their HR function’s workload couldn’t extend to managing recruitment, on top of everything else, and briefing multiple recruiters, as well as undertaking their own activity, would inevitably lead to a volume of work that was unmanageable.  


As we always do at Beyond The Book, we took the time to get to know exactly what the agency needed from their Account Executives, Account Managers and Account Directors; understanding what skills and knowledge were most important, and where candidates would have room to grow and develop. 

We already knew this company well and therefore immediately had an idea which candidates would fit well with them, in terms of brief and their culture. We kept the lines of communication open to continuously learn about their clients and the demands of each account. We also learned more about how they support their staff with training and mentoring, ensuring that employees enjoy their roles and stay for the long term.  

It became clear through the various briefings, how important B2B and Digital experience would be for the roles and how challenging they had found it to find the right people, with the right experience, as well as the ability to hit the ground running. 

We started our search by looking at who we knew and considering if the role would tick the right boxes for the candidates we’ve already grown great relationships with. As these roles were top priority, and exclusive with us, we then put our foot on the gas and focused on targeted searches for each role using our multiple tech platforms, to both find and attract the best talent.  

We always spend a great amount of time qualifying candidates, chatting to them at length on video, and really understanding if the role gives them what they want for their next career move. We look at the clients they’ve worked with, the sectors they want to work in, whether they’re more interested in B2B or B2C, and what they want from their next agency in terms of culture, opportunities, and career progression.

Only when we know our candidates are 110% interested and are right for the role, and company, do we submit their details to the client for review. 

At Beyond the Book, we don’t just send over a CV, instead, we take our time to write about each candidate, including what their aspirations are, how specific elements of their experience could contribute to the role, and of course about their personality and what work environment and culture they are looking for.  

The Result

At the end of this comprehensive recruitment campaign, we successfully placed three perfect Account Handlers plus a fantastic Strategy Manager, to add to their growing team. All had B2B experience, had worked in the same or very similar sectors, and they all love their new roles! 

Our client and their teams couldn’t have been more pleased with having had their time protected and some fantastic new individuals added to their team, so quickly and efficiently.  

At Beyond The Book, we’re dedicated to working extremely hard on every role we have but, most of all, it’s working in partnership and on a sole agency basis that gives us the confidence to put so much effort and resource into exhausting the market, and closely managing the process.



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