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Want to get better at b2b marketing?

Want to get better at b2b marketing?

over 2 years ago by Jessie Jackson

Welcome to the first in a collaborative video series all about B2B and recruitment marketing, co-hosted by Beyond The Book and Boden Group. 

Over the next few months our very own Jessie Jackson and Rowena Wilding, Senior Marketing Manager at Boden Group Recruitment, will be talking all things marketing and recruitment and bringing you super helpful, easily actionable tips, on how to improve your marketing.  

We’ll be chatting through topics such as ‘Diversity & Inclusion’, ‘Content Planning’, ‘How to build your personal brand’ and ‘Top 10 SEO Hacks’.

In this first episode, Jessie and Rowena lay down 5 actionable tips on ‘How to do B2B marketing that doesn’t suck’.  

In a couple of weeks, we’ll be talking about how to build out a content plan, so keep an eye out for that one. We’d love to keep the series as engaging as we possibly can so, whilst we have some good ideas on what to bring you next if there is anything you’d specifically like us to cover, do pop us a message to let us know!

Boden Group is a specialist recruitment partner to the Facilities Management and Property Sectors. To find out more about the team pop on over to their website.

We hope you enjoy!


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