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Why are people who choose Agency life loving it more than ever before?

Why are people who choose Agency life loving it more than ever before?

almost 2 years ago by Michelle Mumford

Having now worked in the agency world for 6 years, I have seen the transformation that many agencies have been through, and continue to go through. It also means I have been a part of the journey that my candidates have been on when they’ve made the jump from agency to in-house. And more recently, back again. 

We have all heard the rumours of agency life: Late nights, huge workloads, shouty bosses and high pressure. This isn’t a rumour and was once the truth for some agencies, and, let’s be honest, some in-house teams as well! 

BUT (and there is a massive BUT), many agencies have been on a journey of transformation with a huge focus on well-being, work/life balance and culture.  

I love working with my agency clients; not only because of the cool campaigns they are working on, the beautiful modern workspaces they offer, or even the buzzy vibe that they offer. All of that is amazing, but what I love, is hearing about the changes they have made based on what is most important to their people. My agency clients know that flexibility, work-life balance, and culture are all super important, and they have prioritised, reacted, and responded to this. 

But what does this look like in real life? 

One of my clients doesn’t have typical work hours; they leave it to the team to get the work done, but if you need 2 hours off in the afternoon for other commitments or school runs and want to log on after dinner, that’s cool. 

Another of my clients offers a huge amount of well-being benefits including mental health days, access to mental health support and days off for volunteering. 

And yet another of my clients offers a ‘Parents in PR’ scheme, with support and flexibility to those employees with children, including enhanced maternity and paternity leave, a huge amount of holiday, and a £500 training allowance per year, for each employee to use however they choose.  

More and more of my clients appreciate the agency frustration of having too many clients and so they make recruitment planning a priority, ensuring teams are fully resourced. This enables smaller and more manageable client portfolios, allowing individuals to focus on a realistic number of clients, and not feel overstretched.  

These are just a handful of ways in which agencies have transformed over the years (and rapidly over the last few) to create incredible working environments and cultures for their team. The more than often negative phrase, ‘that’s just agency life’, is said a lot less and holds much less weight.  

So, if you used to work agency side and made the move in-house, however, you miss the variety and buzz that agency life offered, now might be the time to revisit the opportunities. Or, if you have always worked in-house but you are thinking about making the move, there are so many benefits. 

Either way, if you would like some help finding the right agency for you and your priorities, send your CV over and we can have a chat, and maybe get you on your way to starting a new adventure.​

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