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A Case In Point – Helping my client look for a specialist Digital Marketing Executive

A Case In Point – Helping my client look for a specialist Digital Marketing Executive

over 1 year ago by Michelle Mumford

Who do you go to when you need to recruit the perfect person, AND quickly? 

One of my lovely membership organisations reached out as they wanted to start the search for a Digital Marketing Executive. Their biggest challenge was that they were short of time and needed to move quickly but also wanted to ensure they had the right person to fit their culture.  

We jumped straight on a Teams call and had a good catch up on the overall team, company, and what skill sets were important for this particular role. The most important aspect of the discussion was to establish what was absolutely essential and what was ‘nice to have’; this would ensure a realistic brief and the chance to find someone quickly.  

As we were partnering exclusively with this client they were very much a priority, and I was able to immediately jump into a recruitment campaign. I already had a candidate front of mind, and we discussed their experience on the call. The moment the call was finished, I arranged a meeting with my candidate and briefed them on the role and opportunity. The values of the client and candidate were very much aligned – which, hands down, makes the biggest difference in retaining people.  

My client had an ‘adult’ working culture and offered flexibility and a beautiful working environment (and office dogs!), and the candidate really valued hybrid working and loved how flexible the client was. The candidate would be able to use their digital skills but also fulfill their passion for being creative.  

After two interviews the candidate was offered and accepted the role. It was fantastic to be able to turn this brief around for the client and candidate in a week. The reason I could was that the client gave up their time to meet me and brief me on exactly what they needed. As recruitment consultants, we spend a lot of time engaging, meeting and getting to know people. We are not just reactive and only talk to people for a specific role, but spend time building ‘pools’ of candidates, so that when our clients call with a brief, we may just have the perfect person ready to put forward.  

Of course, in the current market, with candidates and their skill sets in demand, as well as very often being in more than one process, this isn’t always the case. However, by working exclusively and in partnership with our clients, we are able to do a full-market search, helping you fill the role as quickly and efficiently as possible. 

If you have an urgent need in your team, I would fully recommend choosing one recruitment consultancy to partner with.  It really will enhance your chances of finding that talent in the best possible way. Some clients will say to us, "I need to spread the net wider, as this is really urgent and we need to fill quickly" - However, briefing multiple recruiters can be a huge mistake and can really backfire.  Please have a read of our insight piece on this very subject  

By choosing one recruitment partner you are giving them, and you, the best opportunity to find the perfect person.

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