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Client case study - why relationships matter

Client case study - why relationships matter

about 2 years ago by Michelle Mumford

​Sometimes you just don’t know when you are going to need someone.  

I have been working with a well-known and much loved marketing agency in Leicester, as they grow and develop their PR and social team. In fact, I have worked with them for around 5 years now and what I love most about working with these guys is the relationship we have built - I genuinely feel that I know so much about the company, their plans and the team. This is illustrated by the fact that my client will often email me saying, "Michelle we need a ****. Please can you help" and I will know exactly the type of person they are looking for (obviously I will always call for a better brief than that!). 

Relationships like this take time to develop and it can sometimes even take a few rounds of recruitment until I truly understand my client’s culture and, for example, the best way to communicate with everyone involved -  are they a phone call or WhatsApp kind of person? By spending time getting to know our clients and them getting to know us, through regular catch-ups and sometimes just having a chat, we are really able to champion them to the candidate market.  

If this particular company asks me to make a recommendation, I will happily recommend them as a great marketing agency. If a candidate is looking at agencies in the area, then they are at the top of my list. It also means that I have got to know the skill sets that they typically need and the ones they struggle to recruit for, and so when I come across someone ‘right’, I can introduce the candidate whether there is a need or not. You just never know when you might need someone.  

I don’t love recruitment for the fees and transactional placements. I love recruitment for the relationships and long-term partnerships.  

If you are looking for a partner to help with your recruitment then get in touch. We work exclusively with our clients so we really can spend the time getting to know you, and help you in the very best way.  

Then, the next time you email me saying, “Michelle, I need a PR Account Manager/ Digital Marketing Exec / Social Media Manager / Content Exec / PR and Communications Manager… can you help?”, I am already one step ahead! 

Recruitment can be stressful; let’s build a great relationship and enjoy the process.


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