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Meet our marketing recruitment team

Meet our marketing recruitment team

over 1 year ago by Sally Moist
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We wanted to update you with how we’ve been growing our dedicated Marketing and Communications team over the last 18 months.  

What was once a team of one, has quickly become a team of four experienced and dedicated recruiters. If you haven’t worked with Beyond The Book before, we fundamentally believe that, to offer the best service to our clients, we need to be true specialists in our sector.  

One person can’t possibly be an expert in everything and, to really understand our industry and the candidate landscape within it, and to work with our clients in even more effective partnerships, we have broken the world of Marketing down, across the UK. So, here’s the team, who cover PR, Generalist Marketing, Digital Marketing, Content, Social and Events!

Michelle manages all things PR, Communications and Digital. She works with a range of clients across PR, Content, Communications, Social Media, Ecommerce, PPC, SEO and general Digital Marketing roles – covering all levels and at agency and in-house, B2B, B2C, Charity and Not for Profit

Sam manages all things Events, both in-house and agency side. She also works with Digital talent, both generalists and specialists, covering all levels and across B2B, B2C, Charity and Not for Profit

Jack manages all things Digital working purely with clients in the Home Counties and London. This covers SEO, PPC, Content, Social, Developers, general Digital and E-commerce.  

Jessie manages all traditional Marketing including Brand, Internal Communications, Product/Category and generalist Marketing roles – covering all levels UK wide. She is working with in-house companies across all business sectors and helping agencies grow their internal marketing functions


Now you know who we are, if you do have any requirements, now or in the future, and would like to partner with a truly knowledgeable and experienced specialist recruiting team, we really do have you covered.  

We are a collaborative bunch and work closely together to ensure we are providing the best service and solution to our clients.  

Please do get in touch with any of us, at any time, for a chat! 

The BTB Marketing team

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