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Recruitment activity needed in the current marketplace

Recruitment activity needed in the current marketplace

almost 2 years ago by Anna Smith

Whoever you decide to work with, we would highly recommend you choose a specialist recruiter. Whether your needs are generalist Marketing, Digital Marketing, Content, Social, PR, Creative, Multi-Media, Production or Creative Services; when candidates are more elusive and less active in applying for roles, they only want to speak to people who truly understand their world! 

There is a 101% uplift in candidate responsiveness if they are engaged with a brand on social media. Make sure your recruiter has a great and consistent social media presence. 

Candidates’ attention is divided by A LOT of different sources. You need a recruiter who will reach the right people through multiple channels.  

At Beyond The Book we rely heavily on the following: 

  • Our database of warm candidates, past and present. With 14 years actively recruiting in the Creative and Marketing industry, we have 100’s of people who we can engage to spread the word for us!

  • Paid-for licenses across various job boards and social platforms such as LinkedIn Recruiter, which allows us to identify people who are looking but are not visible as looking. These licenses allow us to set up watchdogs that immediately capture new people coming on to the market.

  • Paid for advertising on LinkedIn (targeted), job boards, as well as optimising for Google for Jobs and generating maximum traffic to our own website.

  • Our Social Media network: With 45,000 first-line contacts on LinkedIn, our regular posting of any one opportunity quickly reaches a vast number of people within the industry.

Once you commit to a multi-channel recruitment approach, it is incredibly important that you work with your recruiter on the most impactful, honest and compelling messaging that will truly resonate with that ONE perfect person

Lastly, when thinking about that one perfect person, and the current choice available to them, you’ll need a recruiter whose value is not just in FINDING people but also keeping the candidate/s warm, engaged, informed and updated through the entire process. Oh, and with the ability to predict, consult and counter-the-counter offer - which there is strong evidence to suggest this is never a good choice to accept! 

If you’d like to work with us for the first time, or again, please do contact us

We would love to do all we can to unearth, engage and match you with that one perfect person. 

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