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Client Services and Delivery

​​At Beyond The Book we help our agency clients recruit client services and delivery people to maintain excellent client relationships, grow the business and ensure quality in the delivery of projects through the creative and production process.  Every company has a need for branding and marketing, where creative collateral is needed to establish the brand, raise awareness and sell products and/or services. Some companies will outsource the creative, others will produce the creative in-house. For those that outsource, they will either use freelance or an agency. Agencies vary in what they offer. They can be full-service, or ‘integrated’ or specialise, such as branding, or digital. Agencies can also specialise in the industry they serve, such as retail agencies, corporate communications agencies, B2B agencies. Beyond The Book can help businesses recruit all levels of Account Management, to Director level, and highly skilled Project Managers, Product Owners, and Producers.

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