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At Beyond The Book we help our clients recruit high calibre people to join their Creative and Production teams. Every company has a need for branding and marketing, where creative collateral is needed to establish the brand, raise awareness and sell products and/or services. Some companies will outsource the creative, others will produce the creative in-house. For those that outsource, they will either use freelance or an agency. Agencies vary in what they offer. They can be full-service, or ‘integrated’ or specialise in what they offer, such as branding, or digital. Beyond The Book can help businesses skill up to cater for the whole life creative lifecycle, from concept generation to production. Skill sets include Art Directors, Copywriters, Graphic Designers, Artworkers, 3D Visualisers, Film Makers, Editors, Artworkers, Digital Designers and Front End Developers. We also help businesses with the people who ensure the process runs seamlessly, such as Studio Managers and Production Managers.

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