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our recruitment solutions

Our recruitment solutions

Full market search and selection

  • Solutions focussed service where a campaign is designed around the requirements of any one unique role
  • We use a combination of network marketing, content marketing, targeted searching and advertising to engage a discerning candidate market
  • Our consultants are highly experienced specialist Account Managers. 70% from the creative and marketing industry itself and 30% with many years of recruiting for their niche sector. They are very much IN the industry and are able to engage a discerning and busy market through their reputation, knowledge and care
  • We use leading-edge tools and platforms to ensure both active and passive markets are exhausted
  • We are highly selective on our clients' behalf, aiming to protect their time and ensure a highly efficient and enjoyable process
  • We work with our clients closely with the aim to ensure the highest possible employee retention, and to avoid the cost and disruption caused by things not working out
  • The fee for this service is a % of salary and payable on start date
  • Fully centralised service available, including use of client branding, managing all applications (including direct), on site interviewing assistance

Application filtering/qualifying service

  • Just filtering, or filtering and qualifying, available
  • Depending on whether you wish us to simply filter, or filter and qualify, we can handle all direct applications through to a shortlist of strong candidates that meet your criteria. This includes assessment of applications, responding to ALL applications appropriately, shortlisting, face to face qualification (if applicable) and introducing candidates for interview selection
  • Fixed fee, invoiced at start of project
  • Protects your brand, ensures all talent spotted, saves your time and resource
  • GDPR compliant process

In-house support

  • In-house/remote workshops, on the job coaching, planning meetings for internal recruitment success/Strategy Consultancy
  • Job description and salary sense checks
  • Outplacement/Redundancy
  • Interview coaching
  • Onboarding advice and management
  • Half or whole day rates, or most of these services would be included in our Full Market Search and Selection service

Freelance talent - expert flexible resource

  • Our freelance team have 25 years combined experience supporting clients with freelance resource
  • Our freelance team are IR35 experts
  • We have a vast network of tried and tested freelancers across the UK, offering clients the reassurance that we can deliver trusted freelancers quickly
  • Our freelancers can work remotely or on site, and are used to working with a variety of processes and formats to hit the ground running quickly
  • Complete cost control when using our freelancers
  • 18% to 20% of daily/hour rate, dependent on level of service required. Additional 2.5% should you require BTB to pay the freelancer directly
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