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Paul / Head of Innovations / Location
So, we all know that 2020 has been a dumpster fire of a year - and this has hit so many different agencies. This includes recruitment, but despite this the team at Beyond the Book have provided not just a professional service but a personal and caring one - having been found my position redundant just as the pandemic hit, I stumbled upon this agency and reached out - not only did they put huge effort in supporting me during the search, but they checked in regularly to share updates. Both Anna, the founder and her Colleague Emma instantly understood my level, my potential and matched it to their network. And while landing the job was my responsibility - they made sure I was one hundred percent prepared going in. I was so worried that this whole situation would affect my career and all of the effort I had put in to succeed, Beyond the Book made sure that didn't happen and that if anything I am now working for a much better company than before. lastly a little side story - once I started the new role, I received a good luck card personally written by the team. that ladies and gentlemen is a sign of real class. whether you’re looking for hires or a new job yourself I can’t recommend this company highly enough.