Freelancers & Contractors Support

Freelancers & Contractors Support

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Looking to go freelance?

Have you decided to explore a career as a professional contractor? Working for yourself can be extremely rewarding, but it also has challenges, so it is wise to think things through thoroughly.

We have plenty of advice on our ‘Insights/Advice page for you to explore, covering how to set yourself up as a freelancer or contractor, how to make a success of your freelance career, how to manage cash flow, and more. 

We have a large pool of registered freelancers and contractors, to whom we offer opportunities, in addition to their direct clients and other interim management providers. We welcome enquiries from new freelancers or contractors, looking to register with us, though we are careful to manage expectations at the time of enquiry as our need for new people, per skill set varies continually. For all enquiries, go to [email protected]

Why do freelancers and contractors enjoy working with us?


We communicate clearly, promptly, and professionally, from onboarding new freelancers to managing bookings and throughout the assignment and beyond.


We have an in-depth knowledge of all clients we work with, and can provide detailed information about the assignments, as well as the company, its culture, and values.


Our interim consultant's experience in interim resource management is impressive. The team have collectively amassed over 20 years experience dedicated to the freelance and contractor market. Their knowledge of the vast range of skill sets, legislation and nuances are second to none.


We act as a guide and advocate for freelancers and contractors, offering support, answering questions, and providing resources to help you succeed in your freelance career.

Personal approach

We recognise that every person is unique, so we tailor our approach accordingly. We will take the time to understand your background, skills, and goals.


We understand that people appreciate honesty and transparency. We will be upfront about the assignment's expectations, rates and salaries, and any potential challenges in any assignment.

Meet the team

Kaisa Laug, Senior Interim Recruitment Consultant

Senior Interim Recruitment Consultant

Emma Head, Creative Development Director & Interim Recruitment Specialist

Creative Development Director & Interim Recruitment Specialist

Vicki Poultney, Creative & Marketing Recruitment Support

Creative & Marketing Recruitment Support

Anna Smith, Co-Founder & Recruitment Director

Co-Founder & Recruitment Director

Additional resources

Typical freelance rates

We understand that freelance day rates can be a bit of a minefield, which is why we have put together a guide for you to understand what you can expect to charge for your expertise.

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How to set yourself up as a Self-Employed Contractor?

There are many different options when it comes to getting set up as a self-employed contractor and one size does not fit all.

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How to prepare & present your freelance portfolio

For Creatives, having a portfolio is a must have, and especially so in the world of freelance.

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Some of our latest jobs...

​Compliance & Accreditation

Our team successfully passed the Compliance+ training course that was developed by APSCo and their legal team to ensure the highest accreditation and legal compliance has been achieved so that you can have full confidence that they are trained in-depth in the following areas:

  • ​IR35 and Off/Payroll legislative changes and can advise businesses and candidates on the changes in the private sector
  • A thorough understanding of the regulations around Equality, Diversity and Discrimination when recruiting
  • Conduct Regulations - what are they and how they apply to freelancers/contractors
  • Payment of freelancers, either via LTD company/PSCs, or through Umbrella models and the compliance involved in payrolling using those methods
  • A commitment to confidentiality, GDPR and Data Protection
  • Holding the highest values and advising clients on how to spot Bias and Discrimination

​You can rest assured that our freelance consultants are equipped with the knowledge and confidence to ensure that each freelance/contract we undertake is legally compliant, ensuring that there are no risks taken.

Here's what other candidates had to say about us...

“Having only started my freelance journey earlier this year, I got in touch with Kaisa after a friend's recommendation and I'm glad I did! Kaisa knew all about my skills, experience and the type of contracts I was after which meant she has consistently delivered the perfect opportunities for me. I will continue to recommend Kaisa to friends and colleagues, she's a pleasure to communicate and work with.”

“Kaisa is always so helpful and willing to offer advice on all areas of freelance work. She's really genuine and friendly to work with and makes time to be in touch whether I'm looking for new roles or professional advice as a freelancer. Thanks, Kaisa!”

“I’ve known Emma since 2013 while working at Tesco where I hired through her around 20 design and artwork people over a 2-year period. She has been by far the most professional, supportive and astute agent I have worked with to date. She knows her stuff, is diligent when recommending the right person for a role, and even when it comes to finding you work, actually puts in the time to talk to you, understand you and consults.”

“Emma is quite simply a superstar! She has represented me as a freelancer for many years and she has a definite passion for what she does. She is incredibly personable, yet equally professional, her industry knowledge is second to none, her passion infectious, her help and advice freely given, and her feedback brutally honest. If you are a creative looking for work, or a company looking for creatives, I recommend Emma all day long,”

“Kaisa and the team at Beyond the Book helped me secure my first freelance job on-site at a Milton Keynes based design agency which has since turned into regular remote work. Kaisa has been great. She always keeps in regular contact and I've always found her to be friendly and professional. I would definitely recommend Beyond the Book to any designer looking to take the plunge and begin a freelance career.”