Consultancy Services

Consultancy Services

Our passion for excellence in recruitment is unrelenting, and coupled with our robust knowledge and considerable experience, we can help you to make the right decisions.

Our free consultancy services...

Recruitment Audit

If you're currently in recruitment planning mode, or already in the process but not getting the results, you can utilise our Recruitment Audit to help optimise your approach.

We will review your salary packages, role profiles, job descriptions, recruitment processes, advertising strategies, and more. Our goal is to gain a deep understanding of your needs and challenges, and then offer actionable advice and documentation to ensure successful outcomes.

Whether you're planning to handle recruitment internally or considering working with another agency, there's absolutely no obligation to commit to our services.

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Recruitment Discovery

Are you uncertain about the best approach for your recruitment needs? Let our Recruitment Discovery guide you through the process. Being a full-service recruiter, across freelance, contract and permanent, means that we can advise on the most effective strategy for your unique business needs.

Our discovery considers factors such as project timelines, budget constraints, and skill requirements, helping you gain clarity on whether permanent hires, contract workers, or freelancers are the right fit for your organisation.

Again, there's absolutely no obligation to commit to our services.

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Insights and advice

Insight, Resources & Advice

Using our helicopter view of the current market and trends, allows us to fill our website with many helpful resources and articles, such as how to write effective job copy, or how to go about qualifying your recruiter. We also release invaluable resources like our annual Marketing & Creative salary survey, and our highly sought after freelance day rates which are based on hundreds of freelance placements across the UK

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Casual meeting

The consultation that every client can expect as part of the recruitment process

If you are planning to work with us, you can expect us to work with you to design projects that will succeed. We know all too well how great recruitment can be compromised by an unrealistic brief or salary, a less than perfect interview process, or engagement with candidates that doesn't positively reflect your culture. We can help, and it's offered on a complimentary basis, with no conditions attached.

  • Advice on real-time market behaviour and candidate insights
  • Role profile, salary and market consultation to ensure optimum success
  • Advice on interview approach, on a role-by-role basis
  • Best recruitment strategies per role opportunity
  • Best recruitment process per role opportunity
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Enhanced offering for clients who work with our Partner service package

For clients who work with us in partnership, we can offer even more value; going even further to ensure you find and hire the right person for the long-term. Please take a look at our 4 Service Plans for more information.

  • Coaching internal teams for recruitment success
  • Outplacement/redundancy coaching
  • Full access if desired to BTB's MyPeople psychometric platform to optimise cultural fit (platform is used to aid role profile design, candidate screening, interview exploration suggestions and more)
  • Enhanced data & insights reporting on the candidate interview and onboarding experience you give to candidates at interview and the new employee from onboarding to 12 months in a role. This is all measured by our Recruiter Insider platform. ​