beyond: talks Podcast

beyond: talks Podcast

Welcome to the monthly podcast brought to you by Beyond The Book

Your go-to experts in marketing, creative, and recruitment. 

This isn't your typical industry podcast. We're going beyond the surface level, to help make recruitment, workplace, and job seeking, in the Marketing and Creative industry, that much clearer, rewarding and enjoyable.

Episode 1: Salaries

In this episode, our very own Emma Head and Anna Smith, discuss common and current themes, and questions around salaries.

The conversation includes the importance of disclosing salary details in job ads, the impact of unrealistic role requirements on job adverts, and alternative ways to attract candidates when you're unable to increase salaries.

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What to expect

Monthly Episodes

Join us once a month for fresh perspectives and thought-provoking discussions.

Expert Guests

We'll be bringing together industry leaders, marketing and creative powerhouses, and recruitment specialists to share their knowledge and experiences.

In-Depth Exploration

We'll tackle a wide range of topics, from the latest recruitment, workplace and career trends and challenges, to the ever-changing needs of the marketing and creative industries.

Beyond: Talks isn't just informative, it's inspiring 

Whether you're looking for insight to support your business, or you're a contractor/freelancer, job seeker or happy employee, you'll gain valuable insights and practical takeaways.

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