Your Watchlist service

Your Watchlist service

What is a Watchlist?

Our Watchlist service is for discerning clients who need help to secure that 'right' person as soon as they come onto the market. This service is a perfect solution if you can answer YES to any of the following scenarios.  

  • Do you have plans to hire new people in the coming year, and are unaware that it could take a lot longer than you anticipate?
  • Do you already know it's a challenge to recruit when you need to, because you are specialist in what you do, or the industry you serve?
  • Have you found recruiting a challenge in the past, to the extent whereby you tend to muddle through unless someone perfect crosses your path
  • Are you delaying launching your recruitment drive until your team is ready to immerse themselves in the process?
  • Are you always on the lookout for good people and ready to hire if the right person comes along; You just don't have an urgent need right now?
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Saves time & cost

If you're not quite recruitment project ready, but you know what good looks like, and you're prepared to interview the perfect person, as and when they hit the market, then the Watchlist service is for you. This approach will save valuable time and cost to your business, allowing us to do all the work in the background and keep a helicopter view of the market for you.

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Beat the competition.

The danger of recruiting only when you're ready, is that you will likely lose top talent to your competition. Adapting your process and allowing flexibility to recruit when candidates become available, means that you will not only be the first to know, but there is less risk in losing them to your biggest competitors.

How do Watchlists work?

We use several strategies to be the first to know when your matching candidate is out there, and as soon as they become available, we send them directly to you.

We have made considerable investment in the latest recruitment technology, which allow us to set alerts against specific skillsets across our own vast Marketing & Creative network, leading job portals, and LinkedIn. These candidates will be fully qualified to ensure they are exactly what you are looking for, before they hit your inbox.

We will also keep your business front of mind when talking to candidates we attract, during other ongoing recruitment projects.

This is a free service, and only charged on any future placements (as standard in recruitment).

For more information you can get in touch with us via [email protected] or you can call us on 01789 451510.

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