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Creative Case Study

We love to tell a story that demonstrates what a great recruiter/client partnership, that delivers, looks like!

I run the Permanent Creative sector here at Beyond The Book and I work closely with a Healthcare Agency. The Creative Director was looking for a talented Middleweight Graphic Designer with conceptual abilities, ideally with sector experience, and we discussed the requirements in depth at the all-important briefing meeting.

From their feedback, they had never been asked so many questions before but could see the level of detail we really need, to find the right candidates. Our consultative approach works extremely well for us, as it helps us to understand, in more depth, the nuances of the role and the working culture, as well as ensuring that the salary is realistic for the current talent market.

Once we started to discuss the role, I could see it was pretty niche; graphic design, digital design, advertising concepts and photographic art direction, as well as being a great fit with the team. Therefore, it was important that I understood where the flexibility was around the skills required. The Creative Director really appreciated my advice on this, and we agreed on a realistic salary and the essentials of the role.

I love the challenge of a new role; I can often speak to candidates I already know, as well as meet lots of new ones. While there are many Graphic Designers in the market at any one time, finding someone who ticks the right boxes can take time, and my client was happy to wait.

It did take time! I eventually found a great Digital Designer who lacked the campaign concept and art direction experience; however, they were adamant these were areas they wanted to grow in and really wanted to prove themselves. It is a pleasure to work with candidates who are passionate and keen to develop.

I encouraged my client to meet them and advised that should they be a great fit for the agency, they could test the conceptual abilities with a creative brief at second stage. This worked really well, they loved his ideas and offered him the role.

A year down the line and my client has provided fantastic feedback to say he is performing across all areas. In fact, only last week this client came to me again to find a new team member... “just like him”! Ever since this placement, this client has come to us exclusively, in partnership, and we have delivered every time. As we like to say here at BTB, knowledge is everything, and I like to think it’s my first-hand experience working in the creative industry itself that enables me to consult on any role and identify the right people in the market.

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