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Ineffective Recruitment – It’s a wrap!

Throughout February we rolled out our 'ineffective recruitment' series (Parts 1-6), aiming to shed light on what effective, successful recruitment should look like. All six articles are now available, so if you haven't had the chance to read them yet, you can catch up here.

To recap, the series covered:

  1. Inadequate planning (salaries/unrealistic job profiles/timescales)
  2. Limiting your exposure (advertising/social network)
  3. The Process (disjointed hiring team/lack of agility and flexibility/slow feedback)
  4. The job copy
  5. Navigating the interview
  6. Choosing your recruiter

We also offered some valuable hot tips to enhance your recruitment efforts.

We understand that many businesses may try to avoid the expense of using a recruitment company. However, if you lack the time or infrastructure to execute recruitment effectively, the cost can be substantial, resulting in:

  • Longer-than-anticipated processes
  • Lost time to focus on your business and its targets
  • Wasting valuable time interviewing unsuitable candidates
  • Missing out on your ideal candidate
  • Settling for the best among a mediocre bunch, risking the disruption and expense of a failed hire

If you’ve weighed up your options and it seems like engaging a recruiter is necessary, it's crucial to invest your resources wisely and partner with the right recruiter - one who prides themselves on their commitment to getting it right. At Beyond The Book, we hold ourselves to this standard, and specialise in various areas within the Marketing and Creative world, including:

  • ​Marketing & Brand
  • Creative & Design
  • UX & Product Design
  • Film & Motion
  • Digital Marketing
  • PR & Comms
  • Category & Product
  • Artwork & Production
  • Client Services & Delivery
  • Operations, People & Culture
  • Tech

We hope that through these articles, we've showcased our expertise and experience in specialised recruitment. We’re eager to collaborate with any businesses seeking a fresh approach. Feel free to reach out to us anytime at 01789 451510 or drop us an email.

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