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Ineffective Recruitment - Part 2

6 hazards to avoid: Part 2 – Limiting your exposure

As part of this month’s series, we’ve identified how limiting your exposure can be a real hazard to successfully recruiting.

Here, we look at the reliance on advertising and your social network.


​Don’t rely solely on advertising. In a world that is inundated with digital touchpoints, expecting the perfect candidate to stumble upon your single advert is hopeful at best. Many discerning job seekers want comprehensive information about a company before committing to an application or interview, while others actively avoid traditional advertising channels altogether.

​Candidates navigate their job search through various channels, from private indications of interest to leveraging personal networks or trusted recruiters. In such a diverse landscape, a one-size-fits-all advertising approach falls short. To effectively reach potential candidates, a multi-channel strategy is imperative.

Hot tip: Invest time in underground searches alongside traditional advertising methods. Utilise multiple channels including job boards, targeted ads, social media campaigns, and your company's website. Consistently refresh your advertisements to capture candidates' attention whenever they engage with a channel.
Hot tip: Effective management of recruitment projects is essential. Every application should receive a timely response, and the progress of each candidate should be tracked systematically. Neglecting these aspects can tarnish your brand and undermine the recruitment process.

Social Network:​

A lot of businesses have spent time building an engaged community and will dive into their own network to avoid advertising altogether. While your social network is a valuable recruitment tool, it should not be the sole focus of your hiring strategy. Leveraging your professional network can be fruitful, but unless you have a large, engaged audience, it may not yield immediate results, especially in urgent hiring situations.

Hot tip: If time permits, launch a social media campaign, and diligently manage responses. Be prepared to pivot to plan B if initial efforts prove unsuccessful. We recommend a diversified approach, incorporating multiple channels, which ensures a broader market coverage and will give you the best chance of success.

It's clear that successful recruitment goes beyond just advertising and social media. It's about using a mix of strategies that truly connect with potential candidates. By being flexible and responsive, organisations can navigate the recruitment process more effectively and find the best talent out there.

​Check out the rest of our ‘Ineffective Recruitment’ series.

​If you want to speak to one of our brilliant consultants about putting together a multi-channel approach to your recruitment campaign, then reach out anytime at 01789 451510 or drop us an email.

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