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Ineffective Recruitment - Part 3

6 hazards to avoid: Part 3 - The Process

Despite having a realistic salary, a compelling role profile, and effective multi-channel advertising strategies, your internal recruitment process could still be the weak link, jeopardising your ability to hire the right candidate in a timely manner. These three hazards are VERY common pitfalls that can hinder your recruitment efforts significantly.

  • Disjointed hiring team
  • Lack of agility/flexibility
  • Slow feedback and engagement

Disjointed hiring team

​Recruitment is rarely a solo endeavour. It involves multiple people, each playing a crucial role in the decision-making process. From budget controllers to hiring managers, from CV reviewers to interviewers, and not forgetting the indispensable recruiter; collaboration is key. However, without a clear plan and defined responsibilities, it can get messy very quickly.

Hot Tip: Kick off with a unified strategy session. Get all decision-makers on board to greenlight the budget, define roles, agree on the job description, set interview parameters, and establish flexible negotiation points.
Hot Tip: Every decision maker needs to approve the process at the outset, including who is coordinating the project, who is conducting the interviews; where and at which stage, any tasks required during the process; their nature, and the stage at which they will be needed, realistic response times for CV feedback, 1st and 2nd stage interview scheduling, and offer timings – ensuring everyone's availability and establishing backups.

Lack of Agility/Flexibility

​In the fast-paced world of recruitment, adaptability is non-negotiable. Unexpected hurdles can arise at any moment, threatening to derail your carefully laid plans. Whether it's interview scheduling conflicts, candidate relocation issues, or competing offers thrown in the mix, a rigid process will cost you your ideal candidate.

Hot Tip: Anticipate potential roadblocks and devise contingency plans for the above scenarios from the get-go. Utilise the insights of your recruiter to navigate candidate complexities and keep your top pick(s) engaged throughout the process.

Slow feedback and engagement

​Time is of the essence in recruitment. While thorough evaluation is essential, dragging out the process can cost you top talent. Slow feedback not only frustrates candidates but also tarnishes your employer brand, risking social media backlash.

Hot Tip: Impress them with your organisation, and how you value the candidate experience. Respect their time, demonstrate agility, and show genuine enthusiasm. By prioritising prompt engagement, you'll not only retain candidate interest but also elevate your standing among competitors.

Addressing these common hazards in the recruitment process, and implementing the suggested strategies, can significantly decrease the risk of fallouts and improve your chances of securing the best talent, first time.

​Check back soon for Part 4 of our ‘Ineffective Recruitment’ series.

​If you missed parts 1 and 2, you can catch up here.

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