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Ineffective Recruitment - Part 6

Hazards to avoid: Part 6 – Choosing your recruiter

​In parts 1-5, we explored the importance of planning, exhausting the market, crafting effective job copy, and optimising the interview process. If you've determined that working with a recruitment agency is the best route due to constraints on time, resources, infrastructure, or ability to maximise all channels, then choosing the right agency is vital.

Perhaps you're new to engaging with recruitment agencies and uncertain how to evaluate their suitability for your needs. Alternatively, you may typically work with the same recruiter without assessing whether they remain the best fit in our ever-evolving landscape. It's important to make the right choice, and we’re going to highlight some points to help you make that decision.

Avoid engaging more than one recruitment agency.

​Many businesses believe they’ll get a quicker result and widen the pool of candidates by briefing more than one recruiter, but that’s simply not true for so many reasons. Engaging multiple recruiters inadvertently diminishes quality and jeopardises your time, brand reputation, and time-to-fill metrics.

Hot tip: We put together some myths and tips regarding a multi-recruiter strategy, you can check out the full blog here:

Avoid engaging a generalist recruitment agency for a specialist role.

​While a generalist recruiter possesses experience and tools for a search, they may struggle to exhaust a niche market and effectively engage specialised candidates. The Marketing & Creative candidate community, for instance, demands depth of information, role knowledge, and a consultative approach. A specialist recruiter in Creative or Marketing can swiftly tap into networks, identify suitable candidates, and engage them effectively.

Hot tip: Avoid prolonged processes and interviewing unsuitable candidates. Remember, you're not bound to a recruiter forever; most operate on a role-by-role basis.

Avoid selecting a recruitment agency based solely on the lowest fee.

​Opting for a recruiter solely on fees and rebates could mean sacrificing value. While most recruiters offer competitive fees, typically between 15-20%, the value they provide can far exceed the cost if they offer top-notch services. A quality, specialised recruiter will safeguard your time, protect your brand, and efficiently explore the market for both active and passive candidates.

Hot tip: Use our complimentary template to evaluate recruiters for your next project.

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