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Marketing Case Study


With the healthcare sector booming, this organisation found themselves in need of their first Marketing Manager. The initial requirement was for a Multi-channel/Integrated Marketeer.


We thought through in detail about all facets of the role that were needed, which was a lot. We then defined a brief that was realistic in terms of what our client would get in one person, and what they would get with a growing team underneath this person, over time. We also had to work with the challenge of needing someone who was senior enough to ultimately lead a team, the ability to define a marketing and campaign strategy for various business units, as well as deliver current projects and play a hands-on role.

Deciding that a comprehensive search was needed, we undertook the following

  • Explored our database of registered candidates
  • Searched our premium accounts on all job portals
  • Utilised our Recruiter license with LinkedIn for active candidates
  • Set up watchdogs to be alerted to new people coming on to the market
  • Launched a social and email campaign and
  • Ran a 'candidate get candidate' campaign

The response was huge (it always is with Marketing roles) and, after much filtering and talking and meeting people who looked strong, we introduced 5 or so candidates.

All were very different, but all could do the role. In the end. it came down to cultural fit, which is incredibly important. We placed the role with an individual who strongly matched all facets of the brief: They had multi-channel marketing, brand comms, digital marketing (SEM) experience and hands-on ability to create and deploy social and email content, for the short to medium term. They also came with leadership experience, to enable growth of a team in the medium to longer term.

Client relationship:

This relationship started on a partnership/exclusive basis, and through this experience, it has been agreed that we shall continue to work together to build the team in the future. Our client has stated how difficult it would have been to work this closely with more than one recruiter, and that this would no doubt have led to a more challenging process.

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