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Partnership Case study


After an exciting new business win, this agency needed to find a Content Manager to join the team and to take ownership of a key client. It was important to the agency to work with a recruitment partner that really understood their business and, more specifically, their clients.


As always, at Beyond The Book, we like to start the process with a meeting and, as these are now even easier to do, we hopped on a Zoom straight away.

We have previously worked with this company and so we know them, what they are about, their values and their team culture. We used this meeting to really drill down into their new client, their sector and what was key for this Content Manager. When briefing us they expected it would be a difficult role to fill and would take some time because, not only did they need to be brilliant on the creative side, but they also needed to really understand wider digital marketing and in particular, social media. On top of that the ideal person needed to be super passionate about motorbikes AND understand the Amazon marketplace!

We approached the task by firstly looking at the talent we were currently talking to and who was active in the market. We then focused on really targeted searches to be able to find the specific creative experience in videography and photography, paired with a strong understanding and experience in developing a social media strategy, and an understanding of the Amazon marketplace.

Once we had found a selection of candidates who were a brilliant match for the skillsets, we then had to talk to the, to further understand their passions and think about cultural fit. Especially because of the especially niche requirement of a passion for motorbikes! You can’t easily see a genuine passion and interest from a CV or LinkedIn profile, so this process was all about connecting and really listening to our candidates.

Client relationship

We reached the point where our client had two incredibly talented and passionate Content Managers at the final stage of the process, making the decision really difficult but a great outcome.

We were able to work closely with them to find the very best people, demonstrating our expertise, but also our ability to find those unique gems that our clients often need. We are proud to be working exclusively with this agency and can’t wait to introduce them to more brilliant people.

Secretly we absolutely love these niche roles!

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