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Social Media Case Study


At an incredibly busy agency, this team needed to bring on board two Social Media Executives (one Social Media Executive and one Senior Social Media Executive). As with many businesses, it was really important to them to see some of the best talent in the market, who would fit incredibly well within their culture (and cost and time efficient process).


After initially talking to the HR Manager to discuss the needs within the team, we were able to schedule a face-to-face meeting (albeit virtual) with the hiring manager. This is possibly one of the most important things for both parties when working with a recruitment partner. Not only do we love to meet our clients, but it also ensures that we can find the perfect candidate that fits with their team culture. We spend time talking about the role, what the top priorities are for the position as well as the ‘nice to have’s. We get under the skin of the business and ensure that we are able to be brand ambassadors for the company, championing them in a market that is filled with more and more competition. We need to demonstrate to our candidates why they should work for a particular company.

It was important that the Social Media Executive had an eye for detail and a creative flair. They needed to be able to put together content plans for clients, schedule content in advance and put together graphics for social media. They also needed to be able to report on social activity and campaign success looking at key metrics.

When we initially started the process there was a clear distinction between the Junior Social Media Exec and the Senior Social Media Exec. However, as our client started the interview process, they could see the strong potential and team fit in the candidates that did not necessarily match with their expectations of years’ experience. They had great skill sets, perfect personalities for the team, as well as a desire to learn and grow. Ultimately, our client employed two more Junior Social Media Executives, because they saw past the level of experience to the long-term potential.

Running alongside this, we were briefed on, and placed, a PR and Content Executive with the same client.

We have loved working with our client, getting to know them on a deeper level, understanding their pain points and introducing them to some brilliant people who will absolutely thrive. We are very much looking forward to continuing to build this relationship with them, and as soon as we meet any more candidates, who we think would fit their culture perfectly, we will introduce them straight away.

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