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We help our clients to build successful marketing and brand functions, whether they are small and starting to build their marketing function, or an established organisation looking to add Marketing or Brand people to their established team. 
And, we support clients with freelancers and contractors.

When it comes to Marketing the skill sets are vast which is why each of our consultants specialise in specific skills and channels. With regards to more generalist Marketing and Brand, we support clients from Junior Execs through to Head of Marketing or Head of Brand level. They support businesses in building awareness and expanding audiences and engagement to cultivate sales and leads.

With many years specialising in Marketing and Brand recruitment, our value is in our vast network of candidates and advocates and our ability to understand your business and requirements, to hire the right person/s for the long term.

We work with a huge range of brands across all sectors, as well as agencies that are looking to grow their internal marketing function. We also cover digital marketing, and the many specialist channel experts within that.

For a little reassurance, enter our world of real experiences.

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Kaisa Laug, Senior Interim Recruitment Consultant

Kaisa Laug

Senior Interim Recruitment Consultant

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