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Permanent, freelance, interim, or temp to perm?

With our substantial experience in permanent and freelance recruitment, we advise businesses and deliver the most cost-effective solution.
Our knowledgeable team can support businesses of any shape and size, across Creative, Production, Client Services, Delivery,
PR, Events, Digital, Marketing or Tech.

  • Permanent recruitment

    After over 11 years providing specialist recruitment to clients (agency, consultancy and in-house), we have established long-standing and strong partnerships, where we succeed time and time again in providing the perfect match of talent and cultural fit for our clients.

    We thoroughly enjoy the journey from first meeting to partnership, and over 70% of our clients work with us on an exclusive basis. Our approach brings together the principles of industry account management and smart recruitment. We aim to really understand our client's business and work together to define compelling and realistic briefs, to attract the right talent. We then invest our time in delivering a small selection of very strong candidates, saving our clients time and enabling them to find the best possible hiring solutions.

    We utilise market-leading tools and platforms to ensure that, if the candidates are there, we will find them! And, with many years industry experience across the team, we have a vast network which is incredibly valuable when sourcing the talent that's out there. To talk to any of our consultants: Meet Our Team

  • Our talent hub

    As of April 2020, we have opened our very own 'shop window' on our website.

    Ongoing we will be showcasing the profiles of a selection of active candidates who we have met and believe in. These professionals represent the full breadth of skill-sets, as well as the calibre, of candidates that we proactively engage and meet, and who are registered with us as actively looking.

    Should you need to hire quickly and/or want the chance to hire with lower than standard recruitment fees, before engaging us to undertake a full market search, then this is your opportunity to come to us first and see if our registered candidates can fulfil your permanent or freelance needs.

    You will still receive exactly the same initial level of service as you would with an 'entire market search' - including a meeting with us to understand your business and establish cultural fit, thorough qualification of your recruitment needs, and superb attention and care throughout. The Talent Hub is a moveable feast, so do check in regularly and please call any of the consultants connected with each candidate.

  • Temp to perm or contract

    Cost efficient recruitment is about effective planning for the future, and the longer you can forecast a need for, the more cost effective the solution.

    Freelance is perfect for a defined short-term need, and permanent is perfect when you can forecast a long-term need of, at the very least, 12 months.

    However, sometimes there are needs that fall somewhere in between. Whether you have a maternity leave to cover, or a peak in forecast workload of 2 months or more, whatever the reason, we can provide resource on a fixed term or temp to perm basis.

    Fixed term contracts are salaried and on your payroll, whilst temp to perm can either be on a freelance day rate basis (moving to salaried payroll), or salaried and on payroll from the start of the assignment. Both scenarios are paid on a pro-rata basis, with fees aligned accordingly. Please contact us if you would like to find out more.

  • Freelance recruitment

    We started Beyond The Book as a freelance service, and after 11 years we have the
    most experienced and networked team across the Midlands and central England. We
    can provide trusted freelancers across Creative, Delivery, PR, Events, Digital
    Marketing or Tech, for days, weeks or months, alongside a transparent financial
    model. We can also adapt payment methods to suit you.

    Emma Head and Kaisa Laug can be contacted at any time of the day, as last minute as is required, and they have an extremely sharp eye on the perfect proven freelancer. Their care and attention is superb, with everyone's expectations fully managed and seamless repeat bookings. We are also completely up to speed on the changes in the IR35 legislation, coming into effect in April 2021.

    To find out more about our freelance service, please go to Our freelance offering.

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Consultancy services for businesses

At Beyond The Book, we like to go the extra mile, and we use our industry and market-place knowledge to
add value to your recruitment efforts. In addition to the advice and insights published on the website,
you can also take advantage of the following:

  • Planning your recruitment strategy

    We can work with you to offer impartial and meaningful insight into the market-place, as well as the most effective recruitment strategy, including role definition, benchmarking and a recruitment process to deliver your business objectives within realistic budgets and timeframes.

    This may include deciding if freelance, temp to perm, or perm is the right way forward, what internal resources are needed to manage the process smoothly, how to engage external recruitment providers, and effective direct recruitment.

    Working with us through this process will ensure you exhaust the market for the very best candidate, optimise your budgets and invest in your next superstar at the right time for your business.

  • ​Different approaches to your recruitment

    Some businesses use a sole recruiter to undertake their recruitment (exclusive or retained); some use multiple recruiters (contingent); some undertake their own direct recruitment first, or in tandem; others enjoy a fully managed service.

    Often this decision is taken quickly and without rigour.

    Without the understanding of the benefits and pitfalls of the various strategies, businesses can, and often do, miss out on the very best talent the market can offer.  

    We have extensive experience of working with these varying approaches, and can help your business understand the likely outcomes, as well as drive the best outcomes from the recruitment strategy you choose.

  • Internal interview/qualification coaching

    Interviewing candidates in the best possible way, is essential. Whether you want to make the most of your own direct recruitment activity, or you want to ensure that you take the right approach to interviewing your recruiter's candidates, we can offer you some fantastic complimentary advice in getting it right.

    All too often, the internal interviewing process is not given the rigour of planning that is much needed to engage candidates, and create a truly two way process, once they're through the door.

    We believe in a tailored approach to the skill-set you are interviewing, and we are very experienced in what approach to take to both ascertain a candidates suitability and likewise convince them that you are their perfect choice if that is the perfect candidate who's just sat down in front of you.

    So, let's plan to get it right! Please do get in touch if you or your team would benefit from some interview coaching.

  • Up and coming events

    We are planning on running various webinars, workshops, seminars and events, to support businesses in their recruitment efforts.

    We will publish these as and when they are defined and organised, but we'd also love to hear ideas from businesses on subjects you'd be be keen to learn more about, and that might work in small, or large groups.

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